Bose SoundSport Free true wireless earbuds won't reach UK and EU until spring 2018

Bad luck, European gym-goers who hate the wires catching on their kit

Bose has been on a roll of late with the excellent QC35 noise-cancelling over-ear headphones, Revolve Bluetooth speaker and SoundSport Pulse running headphones. So you'll all have been delighted to hear they've got true wireless headphones coming out, also aimed at gym-goers. Namely, the Bose SoundSport Free.

But, if you're European, you're out of luck, because although they're out now in the States, they're not due here until spring 2018.

'Tis a shame, because Bose look like they've designed some decent buds here. 

There are buttons but they're on the top – a lot of true wireless earbuds insist on putting them on the side which means you are shoving the bud even further into your ear every time you press the button, which is not entirely pleasant.

Unlike a lot of true wireless buds, they're water/sweat resistant. Surely exercise is the main use for this type of earphone? And so why aren't they all water/sweat resistant? I don't know.

Also, from recent experience, we know Bose has got very skilled at designing its buds to sit very stably in your ears, but in a comfortable way. They've also proved adept at providing strong, well EQed audio.

Bose's claimed Battery life is also a step above most of the competition so far: five hours, which Bose comically describes as enough for 'almost any workout'. Try 'any workout I've ever done or could imagine doing' and that would be an even more impressive boast. 

The carry case, as usual with these things, also acts as a charger, adding a further 10 hours of battery life, with a 15-minute charge giving you 45 minutes of battery. Which, funnily enough, is long enough for most of my 'workouts'.

The other bugbear of true wireless earbuds to date has been the reliability of their connectivity. But evidently we Europeans will have to wait until next spring to find out how well that works. Well, thanks a lot, Bose.

Duncan Bell

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