Bosch washing machines: premium features and a perfect wash

Up to their eyeballs in 5-star awards, best in class, yet affordable for all

Bosch Serie 6 WAT286H0GB

Just like certain smartphone manufacturers, Bosch makes ‘affordable premium’ products. Its laundry line isn’t overpriced, but it is packed with features that you won’t find in the bargain basement. When it comes to value – but with a premium feel – Bosch is like a Knight in shining white goods armour. 

Bosch's washing machines are part of their kitchen and home ‘line-up you can rely on’. They came up with that line, not us. But it’s as true as it is simple. 

Bosch Serie 6 WAT286H0GB: heavy on features, light on price

The standout laundry product in Bosch’s reliable line-up is the Bosch Serie 6 WAT286H0GB. Despite having the excellent i-DOS detergent auto-dosing system (see below), Wi-Fi connectivity for smartphone control and system diagnostics, a big 9kg capacity and a speedy (maximum 1400rpm) spin cycle, this machine costs less than £600. 

• Specifically, it costs £599 at, courtesy of a splendid, £100-off deal.

Here are some of the key features that make Bosch stand out in your home, without you taking a big hit, in your bank account…

i-DOS: perfectly measures, perfectly washes

Bosch i-DOS means you always use the right amount of detergent and water

Automatic detergent dosing used to be the preserve of super-expensive washing machines but Bosch has democratised it, making i-DOS for the many, and not the few. 

If you’re not familiar with the concept, prepare to experience a laundry life-changer. With i-DOS, you just fill a large detergent reservoir in the machine’s drawer. Bosch i-DOS then intelligently draws precisely the right amount of detergent for each wash, based on the programme used and the weight and state of your laundry, with Automatic Load Detection and Automatic Soil Detection. The amount of water used is also optimised for better washing efficiency and no waste. And you only need to refill once every week or so!

Unlock and Reload: rescue those socks

Messed up your wash load? The door is still open to you…

This rather macho-sounding feature actually could be called ‘Forgotten sock emergency button’  but admittedly that's less catchy. Once a wash has started it’s no longer on lock-down until an hour later, while a black sock gently dyes your white wash, or another, forgotten sock languishes outside as its mates are washed.

Unlock and Reload lets you pause the cycle, while the machine drains off enough water to let you open the door. Bundle in your extra items or remove the unsuitable items placed in by mistake and you’re good to go again.

5 year warranty: peace of mind

A lot can happen in 5 years

Proving that this is indeed a line-up to rely on, selected products come with a 5-year warranty. Coupled with Bosch’s renowned reliability, this gives real peace of mind. That’s good news if your purchase is being made because your current machine has sprung a gasket…

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