BMW cars get AI digital upgrade that pre-emptively tells you of possible problems

BMW's Proactive Care will alert you to issues on your phone and in-car and suggests solutions

BMW Proactive Care
(Image credit: BMW)

BMW has started to rollout an upgrade to existing cars that can assess any issues and give you suggestions on how to fix them before you even know they exist.

Using artificial intelligence and data gleaned from in-car systems, Proactive Care is a digital concierge that monitors data, such as tyre diagnosis, fault messages and service requirements, and notifies the driver on possible solutions.

This can be via a message in the My BMW app for iOS and Android, through an in-car notification, by email, or even in a phone call from roadside assistance.

The fix might be simple, such as an over-the-air software update, or it might tell you to book the car in for a service. You will even find suggestions on the right dealer to visit.

Ultimately, this is part of the car group's new "digital-first" approach. Previously, BMW would have to wait for a driver to contact one of its dealers or service centres and work out solutions from there, but Proactive Care ensures that the process is done in reverse, with the customer being approached first.

The digital upgrade is available for all vehicles running BMW Operating System 7 (as of version 07/2019). A driver will also need a paid BMW ConnectedDrive contract and for their car to be registered either in the My BMW app or through the My BMW portal online.

As it also uses customer and vehicle data, a privacy policy will also need to be accepted, which can be done in the car itself. Push notifications need to be approved too.

BMW has also recently announced that it will no longer charge to activate hardware features. While its ConnectedDrive software subscription service will continue, it won't charge to use the likes of heated seats in future.

"What we don’t do any more – and that is a very well-known example – is offer seat heating by this way. It’s either in or out. We offer it by the factory and you either have it or you don’t," confirmed BMW’s board member for sales and marketing, Pieter Nota.

BMW ConnectedDrive can be acquired in digital bundles that include a number of different in-car services. You can also pay for some extras on a monthly or yearly basis.

Proactive Care will also be available on future models.

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