Black Friday arrives early with this Lenovo Smart Tab P10 deal from Amazon

Save money on a tablet that transforms into an Alexa-enabled smart display

Lenovo Smart Tab P10
(Image credit: Amazon)

Need a tablet? Sure you do. Need a smart display? Naturally. As the Black Friday deals get underway, why not take advantage of the price cuts and get a device that does both? That's what Amazon is offering, with this Lenovo Smart Tab P10 that doubles as an Alexa Smart Screen with the included dock. 

An Android-enabled tablet with a 10.1" display and surprisingly robust Dolby Atmos speakers, this two-in-one computer has all the advantages of a normal tablet. But when you get home, simply connect with the included charging dock in order to turn your tablet into an Alexa-enabled smart device. Call up your calendar, search for a recipe or play your favourite song hands-free, all from your tablet. Neat. 

It's here in display mode, rather than on the go, that the Dolby Atmos speakers really show their worth, but you can sync the tablet with Alexa-compatible speakers to send your music around the house and integrate with other smart devices, like lighting and heating. The Lenovo Smart Tab P10 is available for £179.99 with the smart dock on Amazon, a hefty discount of £70. Check out the deal in more detail below. 

Lenovo Smart Tab P10 with included dock | 
was £249.99 | now only £179.99 at Amazon
With a 10.1 Inch FHD display, a 5mp webcam and booming Dolby Atmos sound, the Lenovo Smart Tab P10 is already a great value Android tablet. However, the dual function of its Alexa smart display when docked allows you to link your computer to the Alexa network, allowing you to access Alexa and all compatible devices with a simple voice command. View Deal

Suitable for the whole family, the tablet contains a built-in kids mode, as children of a certain age are sure to get their hands on it should you leave it docked.

With all the benefits of a computer and a smart display rolled into one, the Lenovo Smart Tab P10 checks every item on the list if you're looking for both devices separately.

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