The best speaker deals for February 2018: Bluetooth, multi-room and soundbars

T3 Award winning Q Acoustics M3 soundbar and Cambridge Audio YoYo M prices chopped plus Naim Mu-so Qb

The Christmas deals period tends to see older stock being bundled out the back door with a blanket over its head, to make way for newer, shiner things. 

However in the world of audio, older gear is often a match for brand new gizmos, meaning genuine DEALS are to be had.

Case in point: actual, T3 Award winning works of wireless genius are being discounted.

Q Acoustics M3 soundbar | £229 at John Lewis | Was £299

The best 'bar in its price range, the M3 is unusually easy to set up, sounds great with both music and movies, and also supports Bluetooth (with NFC pairing). 

The M3 is actually available at the lower price at various retailers; we just like John Lewis.View Deal

Q Acoustics M4 soundbar | £239 | Was £349

Also knocked down is the same brand's more brutish M4. This unsightly wedge is highly prized by audiophiles for its more balanced, less bass-heavy sound, compared to the M3. And because they have no aesthetic sense. View Deal

Cambridge Audio YoYo M | £249.99 | Was £299.99

Another T3 Award winner, this is our current favourite Bluetooth speaker for home use. It's actually a stereo pair of speakers, using modern tech to give a hugely pleasing sound that's rather reassuringly old-fashioned.View Deal

The best wireless speakers: can you get a DEAL?

The best prices on our favourite Bluetooth speakers and multi-room speakers will appear here. We're not expecting to see a lot of discounting, because this is all quality gear. But hey, our fingers are crossed…