The best QLED TV Black Friday deals 2021

Want a top QLED TV on Black Friday for less? Here are the lowest prices on top models including Samsung, Hisense and Sky Glass

Best QLED TV Black Friday deals 2021, Samsung TV with sign saying Best Price
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If you're looking for QLED TV Black Friday deals, you're far from alone – QLED has become hugely popular as a TV screen type, thanks to its rich colours. It's a staple of the best Samsung TVs, but is also found on TVs from Hisense, and is used in the new Sky Glass TV.

Every recent year has seen great QLED TV Black Friday deals, and we don't expect 2021 to be any different. Our guide to the best Black Friday deals always has big discounts on Samsung sets ranking among the most popular buys – really, the only question is whether a really great deal will appear before Black Friday proper to tempt you. 

The new 2021 Samsung range feature QLED TVs as well as 'Neo QLED' models – the latter just means that the QLED technology for vibrant colours has been combined with a new and more advanced backlight for the TV panel, making for better brightness and contrast and regular QLED models. Naturally, Neo QLED sets are more expensive, and maybe it's no surprise that it's a Neo QLED TV that currently sits top of our list of the world's best TVs.

But the regular QLED TVs are still awesome quality and value for money, and rank as some of the best TVs under £1000 and best TVs under $1000.

So on this page, you'll find the current lowest price on the top QLED TV options, in a huge range of sizes – here's hoping for a Black Friday bargain!

QLED TV Black Friday deals on Samsung TVs

Samsung Q60A deals

The most affordable TV in Samsung's 2021 QLED range! Expect lower contrast than the other sets here, and less powerful upscaling skills, but still bold colours and a great smart TV platform.

Samsung Q70A deals

Stronger image quality than the Q60A, with more advanced processing – but still very affordable.

Samsung Q80A deals

A big jump in contrast and HDR depth (and brightness) over the Q70A.

Samsung QN85A deals

The cheapest Neo QLED model available – so another big boost in contrast and HDR brightness compared to the Q80A. Here's our full Samsung QN85A review.

Samsung QN95A deals

This is Samsung's highest-end 4K TV of 2021, and is the best 4K LCD you can buy today. Here's our full Samsung QN95A review.

Samsung QN800A deals

An 8K TV with incredible detail and stunning contrast and brightness… just not quite as stunning as the QN900A coming next. But it's a major, major chunk cheaper.

Samsung QN900A deals

The best TV on the planet right now. Awesome 8K detail, and simply incredible HDR performance. Here's our Samsung QN900A review.

QLED TV Black Friday deals on Hisense TVs

Hisense A7G deals

Here, Hisense aims to mix great image quality with great value. You get QLED colour, Dolby Vision HDR support, Dolby Atmos sound, and a good smart TV platform.

Hisense E7G deals

Pay a little more than the A7G and you get the E7G, which adds better gaming features to the mix, including VRR and an advanced gaming mode with low lag.

QLED TV Black Friday deals on Sky Glass

Sky Glass deals

Sky's first ever TV is equipped with a QLED 4K panel with Dolby Vision HDR, and an elaborate sound system with Dolby Atmos support.

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