Best 5G phone deals: Get Samsung and Huawei 5G handsets in Cyber Monday price crash

Level up your data plan with great deals on these 5G-ready phones

Samsung Huawei 5G
(Image credit: Samsung, Huawei)

Black Friday may be over, but the deals haven't stopped. For example, just check out the best Cyber Monday deals we've compiled to see you through the rest of the weekend.

Wrestling a telly from someone on the shop floor is so 2009: this year, some of the hottest Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have been phone contracts. With the emerging popularity and (often hefty price) of 5G phones, great deals on 5G-ready handsets have been highly coveted.

Want to jump on the 5G bandwagon early? We've compiled some of the best 5G phone deals still around over the weekend. You'd better move fast, though: all of these great deals will have expired by December 4, and some of them even earlier. Don't miss out!

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus 5G with unlimited minutes, texts and 15GB data | from £49.00 per month with £79.99 upfront cost from Vodafone
Samsung's biggest, most powerful phone is now 5G-ready. Its 6.8" screen is ideal for watching movies, gaming and grabbing documents from the cloud to do creative work on the go. Do it all at 5G speeds with a massive 60GB data, unlimited minutes and texts. Happy downloading!  View Deal

Huawei Mate20X 5G with unlimited minutes, texts and 30GB data | from £59.99 per month with £9.99 upfront cost from EE
The Huawei Mate20X is a phablet in every respect. Its enormous 7.2" OLED screen is ideal for streaming, even though it won't fit in most pockets, while its Leica triple lens camera system is perfect for snapping photos and videos and sharing instantaneously. The Chinese brand's first 5G phone, get it for just £10 upfront with a very respectable 30GB data.   View Deal

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G with unlimited minutes, texts and 15GB data | from £49.09 per month with £30 upfront cost from O2
Save £200 on the cost of the device plan with this great Black Friday deal. Not only do you get Samsung's excellent flagship phone with top-end specs, six cameras and a  crystal-clear 6.7" display, but you also get access to O2's emerging 5G network. To make the most of your new 5G network, pay an additional £3 to double your monthly  data cap to a hefty 30GB. View Deal

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G with unlimited minutes, texts and data | from £48.00 per month with £29.00 upfront cost from Vodafone
Think 15GB, or even 30GB data won't be enough for your hefty streaming needs? For you data gobblers out there, Vodafone is offering a massive £668 off the total cost of this S10 5G plan with UNLIMITED 5G DATA. Infinite next-level, super-fast streaming to your phone? Count us in. View Deal

Why buy a 5G phone? 

Buying a 5G phone is making more sense every day. UK operators like Vodafone and O2 are now starting to roll out 5G coverage in a number of places and cities, giving you access to super-fast speeds and extra bandwidth. Although more areas are covered every month, you'd best check you have a provider that will cater for your area. 

For example, Vodafone has stated it wants to operate 5G in 50 locations by the end of 2020, and with other operators hard at work on their own 5G networks, making the jump to 5G is well worth the investment. New models are appearing on the market all the time, which means there's never been a better time to plunge into the world of 5G. Check out more great deals below:

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