Asus might only make 300 ZenWatches in first run

We hope you didn't have one on your crimbo list...

Those hoping the ZenWatch would be dropping down the chimney this Christmas might be out of luck...

Asus' first batch of ZenWatch devices might be a bit on the small side, meaning keen techies could struggle to get their hands on one.

Chinese site VR-Zone reckons the firm is setting up to make a mere 300 ZenWatches for the initial run. Talk about scarce...

While it's not unusual for tech firms to do constrained batches to kick-off proceedings, this quantity seems fairly unprecedented.

Asus revealed its ZenWatch at the IFA tradeshow in Berlin early last month, though the firm has been light on details since then.

The Taiwanese tech firm promised a late 2014 landing date, and there's been no update on that figure so far.

It's assumed the device will land in Taiwan first, and then roll-out globally after that.

Asus tried to tap into both style and substance wtih its ZenWatch.

The swanky timepiece ships with a metallic exterior, 100 different display options, and an Italian leather strap with a quick-release clasp.

On the gadge side of things, there's a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU, a 1.63-inch AMOLED capacitive display, Google's Android Wear OS, and 4 gigs of built-in storage.

Whether or not Asus will actually build just 300 devices remains to be seen, although it could be a marketing move to boost interest through exclusivity (read: OnePlus One).

Via VRZone