Apple's Find My app just found three secret Macs

Three new Mac models are listed in the code for Apple's Find My app – and it looks like they're desktops

Mac Studio render
(Image credit: Luke Miani / Ian Zelbo)

Could a new Mac Studio or Mac Pro be imminent? According to code discovered by Nicolás Álvarez inside the Find My app's configuration file, there are three new unannounced Macs waiting to be released – and those Macs are most likely desktops.

Apple uses identifiers in its code to differentiate between different Mac models, and the new ones here are Mac14,8, Mac14,13 and Mac14,14. The current M2 and M2 Pro Mac minis are 14,3 and 14,12 respectively, and the code for the unreleased models overrides "separation monitoring" – which means they don't need the same "you've left your MacBook Air in the coffee shop!" alerts that Mac laptops do.

Which new desktop Macs could Apple be making?

We don't know, and Apple isn't helping: it used to label its Macs with descriptive titles such as "MacBookAir", but now it's just "Mac". 

That said, various rumours have predicted an updated Mac Pro for 2023, so that sounds like the most likely candidate. A new Mac mini is unlikely – it was refreshed three months ago and as the owner of one of those refreshed models, the M2 Pro Mac mini, I can attest that it doesn't need any more power to make it more attractive – and the Mac Studio is relatively new too, so we're unlikely to see a new version of that until the M3 chips are ready later this year. The same applies to the iMac, which is also waiting for the M3.

It's possible that all three product identifiers relate to the same Mac in different configurations, or to two similar Macs and something completely different. Whatever they refer to, we don't have long to wait before we'll find find out: WWDC 2023 is just around the corner, and if the identifiers refer to one or more Mac Pros or a surprise Mac Studio update then Apple's annual developer conference is where they're going to take a bow. And of course, more details are bound to leak between now and then.

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