Android users will love this new time-saving app from Google

Google Stack makes it simple to scan and organise receipts and other documents

Google Stack
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Google is on a roll at the moment. It recently announced that Google Maps is getting 100 updates, and it's testing a powerful new feature for Google Assistant, and now it's turning its hand to that most mundane but important of tasks: scanning and organising receipts and other documents.

Google internal incubator team – called Area 120 – which is also responsible for the Google Threadit app, has just announced Google Stack which aims to make it easier to keep your documents organised.

Google describes Stack as "a PDF scanner, document organizer, and detail finder. All in one." Here's how it works.

Once you've installed the app, you can use it to scan documents such as shop receipts, paper bills, and other documents. Once Stack has scanned the document, the app's AI will read the text in that document and automatically name the file as well as suggesting which folder – or 'Stack' – that document should be filed in. It'll identify information such as "due date" or "amount due" in bills, and for receipts, the store name and products bought so you can search for it later if you need to return the item.

To protect the scans on your phone, you can opt to use face or fingerprint unlock to open the app, while you can also save a copy of your documents to Google Drive. As well as bills and receipts, Google Stack can store information on vehicles you own and ID documents.

"We know how stressful staying on top of your paperwork can be," says the Google Stack team. "So far, Stack has made us feel more organized and prepared for whatever life throws at us. We're excited about its potential to help you, too."

Google Stack is a free app with no ads or in-app purchases, and is currently available in the US through the Google Play store – we hope it will see a wider rollout soon.

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