Android Auto update adds games to your car's dashboard – what could possibly go wrong?

The leather runs smooth on the passenger's gaming seat

Android Auto
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Google will soon roll out a new Android Auto update that turns your car’s screen into a gaming console. The new feature would give Android Auto users the ability to launch the GameSnacks app on their car screens. 

It’s no secret that Google has been working on adding gaming features its platform fo a whole, with the company now confirming that this new feature will debut for users in an inbound update.

For those worried about the in-car game causing distractions, the gaming feature is only usable when the car is parked to keep attention solely on the road. Users will soon be able to launch the GameSnacks app on the displays in their vehicle, with an assortment of games found under a shiny new icon on the home screen.

There's been a lot of noise recently over how Android Auto launches apps, be that through new voice commands, or more sweeping decisions to make the service optimized for right-hand drive vehicles. These have all stemmed from Google wanting to make the service more user-friendly at its core, whereas this latest improvement is far more light-hearted. 

Android Auto gaming

(Image credit: Android Auto)

To be clear: Android Auto is predicted to launched eight gaming titles, with some of them set to be user-favorites like "Bubble Woods," "Unblock That," and "2048," says Auto Evolution.

So, if you fancy a laid-back gaming experience from the comfort of your vehicle, you shouldn't have to wait too long. Google hasn't shared an exact release date for when the gaming feature will go live, but the new icon will likely soon magically appear as is custom to users who keep Android Auto up-to-date. 

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