5 reasons the OnePlus 5 is ready for the big league

OnePlus has released its latest flagship killer, the OnePlus 5, get all the details here!

Following on from the success of the OnePlus 3T, OnePlus has just announced its latest device - not the 4 - meet the OnePlus 5.


It may not be the first brand that comes to minds when talking about smartphones, but its certainly one of our favourites. Its previous phones have been excellent, offering flagship features at mid-range prices. 

It's the original flagship killer, growing from a small startup where customers had to get an invitation just to buy one of their phones. 

But now we think it's ready for the big leagues - here are five reasons we think OnePlus is now ready to become a major player in the smartphone market.

1. A design that'll make you go, 'oooh'

The OnePlus 5 is THIN. 

At just 7.25mm it's one of the thinnest smartphones you can buy. The smooth tapered edges make it feel even thinner than its true depth, making it a pleasure to hold.

In design terms, 5 is an evolution of OnePlus' minimal, industrial aesthetic. The edges are slightly more rounded. It's an attractive thing, very similar to the iPhone, and not overly fussy. We really rate it.

It's available in two colourways, Black, and Space Grey.

2. High-end specs that'll make you go 'woah'

The OnePlus 5 will use the high-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. That's the same chip you'll find inside the latest flagships form Sony, HTC and Samsung. 

There will also be the option of 6GB RAM and 64GB storage, or 8GB RAM and 128GB storage.

Battery capacity is 3,300mAh, which isn't the biggest out there (obviously, due to the phone's diminutive size), but it'll feature OnePlus' Dash Charge, quick charging tech, they say you'll get 'a days power in half an hour'. We'll let you know what battery life is like when we review the OnePlus 5.

One major area where the specs lag behind its competitors is the screen. It's still only a 5.5-inch 1080p display.

It runs a polished version of Oxygen OS (based on Android). It's now more polished, with smart, user focused additions.

3. Dual camera, double the fun

The OnePlus 5 features a dual camera, a la iPhone 7 Plus. One is telephoto, and one is more wide angle.

It'll also allow of better portrait shots with an creamy shallow depth of field.

The sensors have been developed in partnership with Sony. The Sensors are 16MP and 20MP.

Oh, and it's Fast AF. So autofocusing should be nice and snappy.

it has a large f/1.7 aperture, so should let plenty of light in.

4. It has a headphone jack

Despite measuring just 7.25mm, OnePlus have found space for a headphone jack. 

Take note Apple!

5. Oh, and the price

The 64GB model will cost $479/£449 and the 128GB will be $539/£499. Available to preorder now!

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