Why the next generation Wattbike Atom is the perfect home workout tool to nail your fitness and weight loss goals

Smart training with hundreds of workouts and intense resistance training make the Atom second to none

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Home smart trainer bikes aren’t just big business right now, they are HUGE. But while some could be described as just glorified video spin classes, the next generation Wattbike Atom is a true total home training solution that will help you hit your fitness goals, and push you harder, and further, than you thought possible. 

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The genius of the Wattbike Atom smart trainer is that it makes intense home workouts extremely simple, yet also endlessly varied and exciting. Because boredom is the enemy of torching calories and napalming belly fat.

The other killer feature of Wattbike Atom is that its smart tech takes away the complication of manually setting your resistance throughout a ride. That means you can hit your goals more efficiently and quickly.

Here are three HUGE reasons why the next generation Wattbike Atom should be your next home gym purchase…

Compatible with the best training apps

Wattbike Atom can be connected to all the best training and racing apps in a matter of seconds. Whether you prefer Zwift, Trainer Road, RGT, FulGaz or Sufferfest – or like to switch between them at will, like picking through the tapas menu at the restaurant called PAIN.

You can choose to simulate races using the Atom’s gears to overcome virtual gradients of up to 25% and maximum resistance of 2,500 watts, or use the Erg mode so you are constantly forced to stick to your favoured power output. All these great training apps let you take on rolling hills and challenging sprints, with intense, high-res graphics and a plethora of training workouts, virtual rides and full-on races.

To help you find your favourite workout, the next generation Wattbike Atom comes with free, extended trials on TrainerRoad, TrainingPeaks, FulGaz and The Sufferfest.

A truly smart bike, for truly smart training

Wattbike Atom isn’t a spin class bike; it’s a smart bike. As well as offering access to the great training apps above, it has a number of features that make it a far more serious and challenging proposition than a standard exercise bike. 

Perhaps chief among these is the ability to set a desired power output in Erg mode. This is a very simple concept – not that this will be much consolation when you dial up the resistance the suffering really starts. In Erg mode, Wattbike Atom presents you with a goal that is totally constant. 

If you pedal slowly, the resistance piles on to maintain the same power output. Speed up and resistance tails off, bringing some relief… until the higher speed starts to make your hamstrings scream. 

The simulation effect offers a slightly different challenge. Take a race in Zwift, for example. When you are starting your climb up a hill, the resistance will automatically change to mimic that hill so that you feel all of the natural gradients that you would when riding outside. 

This kind of thing just isn’t possible on the non smart competition, where resistance changes all need to be done manually through turning a knob or pressing buttons - and who knows how much you need to turn it to achieve your desired outcome. On a Wattbike Atom, there’s no cheating. 

This constant power output makes it simple to progress to your fitness goals. Well, ‘simple’ in terms of bike settings, anyway. The actual progress to your fitness goals will be intensely satisfying… but certainly no walk in the park.

The Atom’s training data is also second to none, with your effort measured 1,000 times per second, with staggering +/-1% accuracy. 

It's not just for one user, either. Wattbike let’s everyone in the household train how they want, and track their progress independently. 

Oh, and if you or any of them do want a more traditional exercise bike training session, you can also use Wattbike Atom with the likes of the Peloton app.

Hundreds of workouts built in

Next generation Wattbike Atom

(Image credit: Wattbike)

The next generation Atom also comes with free access to the Wattbike Hub app. This is packed with hundreds of workouts from climbs to sprints to endurance rides. There are also longer-term plans to help you meet and exceed those fitness goals. 

There is no better motivator than seeing your improvement, and Wattbike Hub takes care of that too with a range of tests available to take to help you along your journey. These are crucial to understanding your progress.

Wattbike Atom is not just an exercise bike; it’s THE most compact, time-efficient, next-level fitness machine you can buy.

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