Why OLED is the only way to watch the World Cup

Get closer to the action with an LG OLED TV from AO.com

Imagine watching England win the World Cup. It could happen: right now they’re the fifth favourite. Now, imagine watching England win on a TV from AO.com that delivers a better picture than anything you’ve ever experienced.

The best you’ve ever seen

Some TV manufacturers claim their TV tech is almost as good as being there. It isn’t, because it isn’t OLED. With an LG OLED TV the action is clearer, the crowd noisier, the football football-ier.

That isn’t just hype. OLED really is brilliant for football. An LG OLED TV delivers incredible colour accuracy and an astonishingly wide colour range, and it does so along with the perfect black that only OLED technology can deliver. That’s because unlike LED TVs, OLED pixels only display light when they’re supposed to. LEDs are backlit. On an LED TV, black means nearly black. On an OLED TV, it means really black. You’ll never find an LED TV that delivers the 4K, HDR, ultra-realistic amazingness of an OLED TV such as LG’s OLED55B7V. And it upscales too, so you’ll get stunning results even if the source isn’t broadcasting or streaming in 4K.

This is the Champions League of TV tech. And LG’s right at the top of it.

Pitch. Perfect

OLED TVs, and LG ones in particular, are quite simply the best way to watch the World Cup. They’re stadium-sized – a whopping 55 inches in the OLED55B7V and a 65 inches with the OLED65B7V – and the 4K HDR picture and super-fast refresh rate are perfect for ensuring you see the action in all of its glory. Dolby Vision and advanced HDR formatting deliver the greatest possible HDR experience whether you’re watching the game or the post-game pundits. No glitches. No gimmicks. Just liquid football.

It sounds good too. LG’s achieved a world first here with a Dolby Atmos implementation that’s been designed specifically for LG TVs. If you haven’t experienced Atmos yet, you won’t believe your ears: it creates a 3D space for sound, delivering the most immersive, accurate audio you’ve ever experienced from the kick of the ball to the roar of the crowd. It’s like high definition for your ears, and it’ll give your goosebumps goosebumps.

Smart thinking

What LG has done here is just what Gareth Southgate will do, and we don’t mean “replace the entire team with Terminators”. We mean carefully balancing the skills you need to succeed, ensuring that your attack isn’t at the expense of your defence. LG’s done that with its TV tech. You get the stunning OLED 4K HDR display and equally stunning sound, not the tinny speakers you often find in LED TVs. You get astonishing colour and incredible motion, not the choppy or over-smoothed action of lesser devices. You get great connectivity – 4 HDMI and 3 USB for connecting consoles, storage and other devices – as well as Freeview HD, Freesat and Freeview Play. Oh, and the Smart TV system in every LG OLED TV is WebOS, rightly regarded as the best smart TV system around.

Even if England doesn’t go all the way to lift the cup, you’ve got all the on-demand and box set services you could possibly wish for to cheer yourself up.

We know what you’re thinking. It’s going to cost more than Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant. Nope: while OLED is cutting-edge technology LG has pulled off the trickiest of all shots: it’s found a way to make OLED TVs more affordable without cutting any corners. 

Not only that, but if you buy your LG OLED TV from AO.com and England makes it through to the knockout stages, you can get up to £300 cashback – and if England doesn’t get through you can still be confident of getting the best possible price. You’ll also benefit from their excellent delivery options, which enable you to choose next day delivery or pick a day up to six weeks in advance. 

There’s no need to wait in all day for the order either: AO.com will give you a four-hour delivery window on the day, and you can track your delivery in the AO.com app. If only everything in life were so easy. 

Click here to find out how you can enjoy total football on an LG OLED TV – and how you can get up to £300 back if England make it through to the knockout stages.


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