Which exceptional new Miele vacuum cleaner is best for you?

This quality brand has 3 new vacuum innovations this year, all offering uniquely powerful performance

Miele Boost CX1, Scout RX3, Triflex HX2
(Image credit: Miele)

Miele has always had a deserved reputation for making superb home appliances, crafted to last for years, and its vacuum cleaners are no exception. For 2022 it has no fewer than three new vacuums, and they each offer their own range of unique attributes. Designed to make cleaning a more enjoyable and effective experience, the Triflex HX2 cordless, Boost CX1 ultra-compact cylinder vacuum and Scout RX3 robot vacuum all offer a superior user experience with less bulk than vacuums of yore, but without compromising on performance.

The only question is, which one should you buy?

Triflex HX2 Cordless 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner: ultimate power, speed and flexibility

Is it a stick vac? Is it a handheld? Is it an upright? The Triflex HX2 is actually all three, effortlessly and quickly changing between modes to take on different cleaning tasks. The result is whole-home cleaning, from Miele’s most powerful vacuum cleaner.

The extra-wide, intelligent main cleaning head covers more ground in less time, so you can get the floors done and then get on with your life – perfect for families and professionals alike. The HEPA Lifetime Filter gives you peace of mind, trapping up to 99.999% of fine dust and 99.95% of allergens, viruses and bacteria. That’s great news for allergy sufferers in particular. The battery is good for up to 60 minutes of cleaning, and an additional battery can be purchased to double this.  

There are three models of the HX2 to choose from, including one for pet lovers, with a powered, handheld brush for pet hair removal. There’s also a Pro model, which comes with an extra battery for a total of up to 120 minutes run time. The Pro and Cat & Dog versions of Triflex HX2 also add a powerful BrilliantLight to the main cleaning head, shining a light on hiding dust.

With Miele’s patented and award-winning design, the HX2 is easy to use and maintain, and takes up minimal space when not in use, thanks to an elegant and compact wall mount.

Boost CX1: Miele’s Most Compact Vacuum Cleaner

Although cordless vacuums are great, some users still love plug-in cylinder models. For them and also for those living in smaller houses and apartments, Miele has come up with its smallest cylinder vacuum cleaner ever. This bagless wonder has a space-saving footprint that is actually smaller than an open magazine, and weighs just 7.75kg – that’s 12% lighter than Miele’s Blizzard cylinder vac. 

Despite the tiny size, it makes absolutely no compromises on cleaning power, with 890 watts of Vortex Technology allowing for strong separation of coarse and fine dust.  

A massive 10m cable is kept inside the CX1’s tiny body, while TrackDrive means it won’t fall over as you move around your home. The bagless bin is exceptionally easy to empty thanks to its Click2Open technology, while ParkSystem allows for easy storage – needless to say, very little space is required to pack this exceptionally small yet powerful vacuum away. 

Suitable for use on any floor type, the Boost CX1 range again includes a model aimed at homes with much-loved pets in, as well as one specifically designed for use on parquet and other hard floor types. Both these models boast HEPA AirClean filters that retain 99.999% of even the finest particles & allergens.

Tested to last, Miele’s corded vacuum cleaners are tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ use. The Boost’s clever design – which includes a tool mount that can be placed on the main cleaning tube – has won it both the Red Dot and iF Product Design awards. 

Scout RX3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner: for totally stress-free cleaning

For those who love gadgets, it’s time to give your cleaning a smart upgrade. The Scout RX3 gives you back the time to enjoy the things you love, by vacuuming for you. You don’t even need to be at home to clean – let the Scout RX3 take the strain while you’re out, although you can get live updates via the Home Vision HD camera mounted on the device.

With Quattro cleaning power, this new edition of Miele’s robot boasts 25% higher performance for spotless cleaning. Intelligent, 3D detection and systematic navigation gives perfect room coverage every time, including in the dark. Corners are often missed by robot vacs, but Scout RX3 includes swing-out brushes to clean them thoroughly. Scout RX3’s stereo cameras and sensors mean it can also avoid toys and breakables – another big improvement over older robot vacuums.

The powerful battery gives up to 120 minutes runtime. In really large homes, the Scout RX3 will return to top up its batteries before continuing the clean, but 120 minutes is more than enough for most homes.

The Miele Scout app has also been completely revamped, offering simple and intuitive controls. You can also control this superb robot via Alexa, via voice instructions such as, “Alexa, tell Miele to clean the kitchen”. The result is vacuuming that is precise, powerful and stress free. 


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