Wattbike Atom is the perfect way to keep fit, especially in the Year of Lockdown

No gyms? No problem!

Next generation Wattbike Atom
(Image credit: Wattbike)

It’s been a difficult year, to put it mildly, and 2020 looks set to see more lockdowns and restrictions. If you want to stay fit, healthy and in peak condition, there’s never been a better time to invest in home fitness equipment – and the next generation Wattbike Atom is the pick of the crop.

Find out more about the next generation Wattbike Atom

Regular workouts don’t just keep you fit; they give a huge boost to mental and emotional wellbeing. The Wattbike Atom smart bike can give you a workout that is enjoyable as it is intense. It’s so intense and scientifically targeted that it’s also very time-efficient. Less time, more intensity, equals better results!

Wattbike Atom is, of course, not a product that you would buy just for lockdown. It’s a serious piece of training equipment that will continue to be useful long after the country is back on its feet. 

Used by the elite… and YOU

Wattbike Atom has long been used by pro sportsmen and women, and comes with a huge wealth of training programmes via the free Wattbike Hub app. Like a cycling coach in your pocket, Wattbike Hub features hundreds of workouts, training plans and fitness tests to ensure you’re monitoring improvement over time.

Wattbike Atom can also be paired – in seconds – with Zwift, Sufferfest, TrainerRoad, TrainingPeaks and all the other top, virtual reality training apps to add another dimension of fun, competition and motivation to your workouts.

The next generation Wattbike Atom, released this summer, improves on its game-changing predecessor with data that’s accurate within +/- 1%, even greater resistance (now 2500 watts), and even faster reactions to gear changes in the virtual training courses on Zwift et al.The result is a smart bike that makes tough and highly effective training surprisingly simple. When you can’t get to a gym, Wattbike Atom means you never need to miss out on those gains.

Home training that's better than at the gym

Because Wattbike Atom is a smart trainer, you don’t need to worry about changing resistance to perform a HIIT or endurance workout. Just choose the program or virtual course you want to do, and the Atom adjusts the resistance according to the workout maximising your time on the bike. This is great for those who find the motivation to increase the resistance manually, difficult. There’s no hiding, making it akin to having a personal trainer pushing you every step of the way.

You can also use Wattbike Atom’s ERG mode to keep your effort at the same level at all times – slow down and the resistance goes up. There’s no ‘cheating’ possible, and all you have to think about is turning the pedals!

If you’re serious about your mental and physical health in these trying times, there’s really nothing better.

• Buy Wattbike Atom Next Generation now from just £90 per month.  


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