Why Microsoft's Surface 3 is light, bright and easy to use

Microsoft's new hybrid laptop offers a world of apps and features

From £419, microsoftstore.com/uk

So, is this a laptop or a tablet?

It's a laptop when you need to boost your productivity, and a tablet when you need something ultra-travel- friendly. It's lightweight, easy to use and big on performance – ideal for creating spreadsheets one minute, then watching cartoons with your kids the next.

So, it's light enough to cart around?

You won't need to do any 'carting'. Crafted from durable magnesium alloy and encased in a ceramic finish, it's a shade lighter than its predecessor, the Surface 2.

What's the display like?

Crisp and bright.The 10.8-inch display supports responsive ten-point multi-touch, though picking out toolbars is easier with the Surface Pen (sold separately). Meanwhile, the IPS panel provides excellent viewing angles if you're crowding around the screen to watch a movie with your buddy.

How will it boost my productivity?

With ten hours of battery life,a three-position kickstand, plus the option to add a Type Cover to further bridge the laptop-tablet gap, you can set up camp anywhere. The quad-coreIntel Atom processor gives youthe power to run desktopsoftware and a world of apps.

Smooth finish

The Surface 3 weighs just 622 gramsand is made from magnesium alloywith a slinky ceramic finish.

Get connected

Hook up your phone or camerato the Surface 3's USB 3.0 port, or transfer files directlyfrom your microSD card viathe dedicated card reader.

Vital stats

0.8 inches -The size of the ClearType Full HD Plus display

64/128GB -The storage you'll get, depending on the model you buy

3.5MP -The front camera is 3.5MP. Therear one is 8MP

2.5 hours -How long it takes to fully charge the Surface 3