Squad goals: how ULED TV brings the World Cup home

Don’t be relegated to a rubbish TV. Experience total football with AO.com and a Hisense ULED

For football fans the World Cup is footie Christmas, delivering an entire season of edge-of-the-seat action. And if the seat you’re on the edge of is in front of a Hisense ULED TV, you’ll be in football heaven. If you thought games looked good on your current HDTV, wait until your eyes see what ULED can do. It delivers pictures you’ll be amazed by at a price you won’t believe – especially if you get it from AO.com.

ULEDs you win

ULED – we think the U stands for “You really ought to see this” – isn’t one technology. It’s a whole bunch of technologies that deliver truly stunning pictures, and it’s exclusive to Hisense TVs. There are all kinds of clever things going on inside a ULED TV, but for football fans the four most important ones are Ultra Colour, UltraSmooth Motion, 4K Ultra HD and Ultra Contrast. Together they deliver a wider range of colours; more vivid, more fluid motion; pin-sharp, stunningly realistic picture quality; and truly amazing levels of brightness, darkness, colour and depth.

Also, there’s a great big button with TOTAL FOOTBALL on it.

Okay, it doesn’t say “Total Football”. It says “Sport”. But it was clearly created with football in mind. With a single press of the remote, your ULED TV automatically adjusts the picture and audio settings for the ultimate football experience. You’ve never seen the beautiful game look as beautiful as this.

The science bit

So how do these clever technologies actually work? Let’s start with 4K Ultra HD. It’s all about the pixels: with 3,840 x 2,160 pixels it’s got four times the pixels of a Full HD TV, and that means four times the detail. Ultra Colour uses those pixels to display more colours, so while other Ultra HD TVs meet the standard that says they need to display 90% of the colours defined in a specification called DCI-P3, the Series 7 ULED TV delivers 99.98%. Ultra Contrast divides the screen into multiple sections that can be dimmed independently, resulting in massively improved contrast. And last but very not least, UltraSmooth Motion is a super-smart algorithm that delivers much smoother and more realistic video transitions. Whether it’s the game or a game show, they make everything better – and with built-in upscaling, they can improve your old, non-4K stuff too.

This is a TV that’s in a completely different league to LED TVs. It’s Brazil or Spain to their Iran or Australia.

Looking good

All this technology would be wasted if the TVs looked like Wayne Rooney or performed like Sweden, but thankfully they don’t. With it super-slim, almost bezel-free design in a cool brushed metal finish the Hisense H55U7AUK is 55 inches of football heaven, and it’s smart too: there’s all the catch-up services and channels you could possibly ask for, along with 70 free channels via the built-in Freeview HD tuner. And when you want to play football rather than just watch it, there are four HDMIs and two USBs to connect all your consoles and other audio-visual equipment.

Not only that, but if you buy your Hisense ULED TV from AO.com and England makes it through to the knockout stages, you can get up to £300 cashback - and if England doesn’t get through you can still be confident of getting the best possible price. You’ll also benefit from their excellent delivery options, which enable you to choose next day delivery or pick a day up to six weeks in advance. 

There’s no need to wait in all day for the order either: AO.com will give you a four-hour delivery window on the day, and you can track your delivery in the AO.com app. If only everything in life were so easy. 

Click here to find out how you can enjoy total football on a Hisense ULED TV – and how you can get up to £300 back if England make it through to the knockout stages.


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