Softer clothes. Brighter colours. Less ironing

AEG’s washing machines save time and keep clothes looking new for longer

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Wouldn’t it be great if your washing machine could make your life easier? AEG washing machines do. They’re packed with powerful cleaning technology that delivers incredible results, protects your clothes and saves tons of time too. And with a range that includes integrated and stand-alone washing machines with capacities up to a massive 10kg, there’s one to suit every home.

Smart technology that’s kinder to your clothes

AEG’s washing machines include all kinds of smart technology. Take the multiple award-winning L79FEC966R, for example. In addition to its large 9kg capacity, 1600rpm spin and A+++ energy rating, it also has AEG’s Soft Water and ProSteam® Technologies. Together they enable you to maintain the colour, shape and feel of every garment, wash after wash.

We can sum up a key benefit of ProSteam® in two beautiful words: less ironing. Where traditional washing machines stop after their spin cycle, ProSteam® Technology adds an extra steam cycle at the end to reduce wrinkles by up to a third. That doesn’t just mean less ironing, although of course that’s a huge plus. It also ensures that your clothes look and feel better for longer, and it enables you to use the power of steam to quickly refresh clothes that don’t need a full wash.

The easy way to make colours last longer

AEG’s Soft Water Technology is another way in which AEG washing machines are kinder to your clothes and help them feel new for longer. It actively purifies and softens the water in every load, and that means it can deliver the same cleaning performance you’d get from a 60-degree wash at just 30 degrees. 

By washing your clothes in much gentler temperatures, AEG Soft Water Technology maintains their shape and the feel of the fabric while also keeping colours looking like new for much longer. And because you’re washing at much lower temperatures you’re using a lot less energy too.

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The perfect mix for every load

The third great technology you’ll find in the AEG washing machine range is AutoDose. AutoDose means never having to guess how much detergent you need to get your clothes perfectly clean. Intelligent technology weighs your clothes, checks the programme you want to use and calculates exactly how much detergent and fabric softener should be added to your wash. 

That’s great news for your clothes, because once again it means the wash is so much kinder: in tests, AEG found that cottons resisted tearing three times longer than when they were washed in rival machines that didn’t have AutoDose technology, so AutoDose will extend the life of your favourite jeans and of the kids’ school clothes. It’s also great for your best blouses and shirts, because it ensures that they won’t gradually turn grey from underdosing.

AutoDose is also a great time-saver, because it enables you to fill and forget: AutoDose will automatically add detergent and softener for up to 20 washes between top-ups. 

Many AEG washing machines also have My AEG Care. Available for both iOS and Android it’s a smartphone and tablet app that enables you to control and check the status of your wash, get cycle recommendations for your laundry and even get notifications when your clothes are ready.

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A better way to buy

Whichever AEG washing machine you buy, you’re getting smart technology that’ll make your life easier and your clothes last longer. And if you buy selected models from John Lewis & Partners, you can benefit from a range of offers including free connection and recycling, a whopping 5 year guarantee for ultimate peace of mind and up to £150 cashback too. And of course, because it’s John Lewis you’re also getting exceptional customer service from one of the UK’s most trusted brands.

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