I tried one of RAB's new down jackets with extra weather resistance

The new Infinity Microlight is more weatherproof than before, but still lightweight and cosy

Two people wearing the Rab infinity microlight jacket on a snowy mountain
(Image credit: Rab)

Rab is known for making ultra-cosy down jackets for outdoorsy people. I was sent the newest addition to the range – the Rab Infinity Microlight – to test out over the winter, and see how it stacks up to previous iterations. 

The Infinity Microlight is new for AW22, having launched in September 2021. The key addition here is something called 'Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper technology', which essentially means the top layer is designed to provide you with much better protection from the elements. Insulation is one thing, but an effective barrier to blustery winds can be just as important to your overall comfort levels when spending time in the great outdoors. 

I'm a big fan of Rab's lightweight jackets. I have an Microlight Alpine Down Jacket – albeit quite an old version, now – that served as a handy comparison for this new contender. That original jacket has accompanied me on many an outdoor excursion over the years, so I was interested to see how the Infinity stacks up. 

Person wearing Rab infinity microlight jacket

(Image credit: Rab)

This is Rab's only lightweight, insulated jacket to feature Gore-Tex weatherproofing, and it's a very welcome addition. While it's still not entirely waterproof – you'll need to head to our best waterproof jacket guides for coats that'll keep you dry in a deluge – this jacket has an extra level of water resistance that means it's suitable for seeing off "light snow, spin drift and moisture". Personally, I'd like a little more specificity on that last point, but it's still reassuring that you don't need to make a panicked sprint for shelter at the first specs of light rain. 

The wind-proofing worked remarkably well in my tests, providing an effective barrier to blustery weather while still remaining breathable enough to be comfortable when working up a bit of sweat. This jacket is also soft to touch and not crinkly or noisy to wear. And if an outdoorsy look is what you're going for, it's smart enough to be included amongst the best winter coats for men

Rab infinity microlight jacket

(Image credit: Rab)

Elsewhere there are plenty of other features that are worth a quick shoutout, too. Like the rest of the range since AW20, the Infinity is stuffed with recycled down, for a more sustainable build – although this one sadly doesn't have the same recycled shell. Said stuffing is zoned to provide more or less warmth as appropriate for different bits of your upper body, including in the insulated hood. The fit is snug but not restrictive, and like all Rab's lightweight jackets can be stuffed into an impressively small sack (or – hot tip! – into one of their own pockets, although this isn't officially what you're meant to do so don't complain to me if something goes wrong) ready to then be stuffed into a hiking backpack.  

The Rab Infinity Microlight jacket is available to buy now, in Men's or Women's fits and a range of colours, for an RRP of £240.

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