Celebrate coffee with Philips Series LatteGo: it makes perfect coffee in no time, with no mess

Get your favourite coffee varieties at the touch of a button with this fuss-free bean-to-cup machine

Philips Series LatteGo bean to cup coffee machine
(Image credit: Philips)

International Coffee Day was on October 1st. If you’re looking to take a big step up from instant coffee, your old pod machine or cafetière this year, your best choice for convenience is a bean to cup coffee maker. These kitchen behemoths grind the beans, make café quality coffees and froth the milk for your cappuccinos and lattes.

A lot of people associate these machines with complexity, a lengthy cleaning session every day and frequent descaling… But not so, with the spanking new Philips Series LatteGo range of coffee machines.

This stylish machine is compact by bean to cup standards, and it makes superb coffee – up to 12 types, with the number varying depending on the LatteGo model you opt for. What makes it really stand out is its incredibly cunning milk texturing system, and an advanced water filter that means you can go through a massive 5,000 cups of your favourite beverage without needing to descale. Let’s take a look at this in depth…

LatteGo milk carafe system

A lot of bean to cup coffee machines have milk frothers that use multiple tubes, nozzles and gizmos, which have to be disassembled and cleaned separately. Philips’ ingenious system, by contrast, includes a small jug with a spout… and that’s it! The LatteGo milk carafe comes in just two parts that snap easily together. You then simply clip it to the machine, and it produces beautifully warmed and textured milk for your latte or cappuccino. Finally, you disassemble and clean it in the sink with almost no effort, or in the dishwasher with literally no effort.

Philips Series LatteGo bean to cup coffee machine

Choose your favourite coffee from this smart touch panel display

(Image credit: Philips)

AquaClean water filter system

It is a fact that coffee made with filtered water tastes better. Depending on what the tap water is like in your area, filtered water can in fact make the coffee taste much better – almost unrecognisably so. Its other benefit, of course, is that your machine doesn’t scale up in a matter of weeks, leading to frequent, arduous, chemical-heavy descaling sessions. 

Philips’ patented, low-maintenance filter system is built into every LatteGo coffee machine, and means you can make up to 5,000 cups of coffee before any descaling is required1. So you get tastier beverages and less need to get the descaling tablets out.

Needless to say, as well as being easy to maintain, these fully automatic espresso machines make superb coffee. They also maintain the theme of ease, with a unique touch display allowing selection of your favourite coffee in seconds.

Have your coffee made the way you like it 

Coffee cup on tray

Celebrate International Coffee Day in style

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The built-in, ceramic grinder ensures perfectly ground beans to your preferred consistency, every time. The professional grade espresso maker then extracts the maximum flavour from your freshly ground beans.

Up to 12 delicious coffee varieties are available, including latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso, and Americano, and it’s easy to adjust the strength and size of each drink to your personal taste. There are four customisable coffee profiles, so everyone in your household can have their coffee, their way.

Finally, the LatteGo milk carafe dispenses silky-smooth, steamed milk froth, should you require it. There’s no hassles with cleaning, and it can easily be stored in the fridge.

This range is Philips’ is not the first venture into coffee makers but is new to the UK. LatteGo has all the quality and style you’d expect from the brand and if coffee is your passion, being your own barista is now completely hassle-free with Philips LatteGo.

Pricing and Availability

Shop the Philips LatteGo 5400 Series (£599)

Shop the Philips LatteGo 4300 Series (AU$943)

1 Based on 8 filter replacements as indicated by the machine. Actual number of cups depends on selected coffee varieties, rinsing and cleaning patterns

About International Coffee Day

Coffee beans spilling out of a coffee cup

(Image credit: Future)

Celebrated on October 1 every year since 2015, this day is all about the enjoyment of making and drinking coffee. With events taking place all over the world, there’s no better time to find out more about your favourite beverage.


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