Keep your fridge fresh with the power of Active Oxygen

Make food last longer and keep bacteria at bay in your fridge

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Hotpoint’s Day1 fridge freezers are the perfect appliances for modern families. With huge storage space, efficient energy consumption and Active Oxygen technology to keep bacteria at bay, they keep your food fresh for longer and save you money too.

Keep bacteria at bay so food stays fresh for longer

If you’ve ever opened the fridge door and immediately regretted it, you’ll know about the problem of forgotten food: sometimes despite our best efforts, some of the food we bring home from our big weekly shop goes off before we get round to using it. Hotpoint’s Day1 technology, which you'll find in Hotpoint fridge freezers such as the A+ rated H7T911AKSHAQUA, solves that problem by giving your food the care it deserves.

Day1 has been designed specifically to make your food stay fresh for longer. That means it reduces food waste, saving you money – and it also helps keep your fridge fresh and odour-free by slowing the growth of the bacteria*

The star of Day1 is Hotpoint’s Active Oxygen technology. Active Oxygen is a very powerful anti-microbial agent that mimics the way nature produces fresh air, reducing bacteria growth by up to 90%, and it removes 70% of odours too – so you don’t need to worry about food sharing space with a particularly pungent bit of blue cheese. Active Oxygen also means that the integrated water dispenser always delivers perfectly cool and crisp water that doesn’t pick up food flavours.

In addition to Active Oxygen, another key factor in keeping your food fresh for longer is maintaining the correct temperature. Hotpoint’s Day 1 fridges restore the ideal temperature really quickly after the door has been opened and closed, and they also feature Hotpoint’s clever FreshZone+ drawer to keep salad and veg crisp. FreshZone+ enables you to adjust the humidity in that zone with a simple slider. That makes sure that your celery always crunches and your peppers always pop. 

(Image credit: Hotpoint)

Saving you time, saving you money

Day1 is designed to save you time, money and energy in several different ways. By enabling you to store the biggest of big shops, keeping everything fresh for longer, reducing odours and keeping bacteria at bay Day1 cuts down on food waste and saves you from having to make more frequent trips to the shops. 

That’s partly due to its very generous storage. While the Hotpoint fridge freezer looks sleek and svelte, it can store a whopping 360 litres of food – that’s the equivalent of 20 shopping bags – and with adjustable shelving in the freezer compartment as well as in the fridge, it’s completely flexible too.

It also cares about your electric bill. The Total NoFrost system keeps the freezer compartment free from ice crystals without requiring wasteful, time-consuming defrosting, and its A+ energy rating means it’s energy efficient too.

That’s the kind of fresh thinking we know you’re going to love. 

The best place to buy 

If you buy your Hotpoint Day1 fridge/freezer from, you can be sure you’re getting the – ahem – coolest possible deal:’s price match promise guarantees that you’ll always get the very best price. also excels in its customer service, which goes the extra mile to make you happy: to date, more than 160,000 delighted customers have given five-star reviews on TrustPilot. Many of them praised the fact that offers next-day delivery, seven days a week**. Others were delighted that they could choose their own delivery slots so they didn’t have to spend all day waiting in for a courier. And still others praised the 100-day returns policy and friendly, helpful staff. 

The Hotpoint Day1 range and are your perfect spring clean partners. To find out more, check out the full range here.

* ISO 9001-2001 certification. Tests performed by Sereco-Biotest Laboratory substantiation

** Charges, driver availability, conditions & geographical exclusions apply.

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