Honor Magic5 Lite brings flagship display and battery features for a cut of the price

Want a great Android phone with super screen and big battery – but with a small asking price? The Honor Magic5 Lite is ideal

Honor Magic5 Lite
(Image credit: Honor)

Honor is a brand synonymous with Android phones that punch well above their asking price. 

The company’s latest, the Honor Magic5 Lite – which is set to launch at Mobile World Congress, the largest mobile conference in the world – will show Android fans just how many top-end features can be crammed into a handset, but at a cut of the typical price.

Honor was established a decade ago and has been paramount in showcasing that the best tech doesn’t only feature in flagship devices. The Honor Magic5 Lite embodies this in a number of ways: by delivering a large-scale display that’s truly without compromise; squeezing a huge battery capacity into its subtly curved design; and mounting a high-resolution camera in a distinctive circular design on its rear. It’s a true feature phone.

Sensational screen

Honor Magic5 Lite

(Image credit: Honor)

The display is instantly the Honor Magic5 Lite’s most prominent feature of all. At 6.67-inches it’s the same size as you’ll find in many flagship competitors that cost at least three times as much. 

It doesn’t cut corners either: the panel is curved, which is a first for a phone of this price level, the OLED panel promises inky blacks and great colour and contrast, while a 120Hz refresh rate means double-time refresh for super-smooth visuals on the eyes. 

Not even the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy A33 can match that scale or refresh rate, let alone deliver that in an eye-catching curved display.

Big battery

Honor Magic5 Lite

(Image credit: Honor)

Studies the world over have always found battery life the biggest gripe everyone has with tech. That’s not a problem for the Honor Magic5 Lite. Crammed inside this subtly curved body is a 5,100mAh battery, promising two-day life from a single charge, outsmarting many of its competitors, such as the Motorola Edge 30 Neo, by a big margin. The 40W fast-charge capability means quicker top-ups than you’d even manage on an iPhone 14 Pro or Google Pixel 7 Pro.

While the Honor Magic5 Lite’s curved display is reason alone to want to buy this phone, flip it around and the giant circular emblem on the rear holds the triple camera setup. It includes a massive 64-megapixel main resolution camera, so detailed snaps are always at your fingertips, while a super-wide and close-up macro make up the trio of lenses. It’s a bold style statement, too, looking distinctive in a world where many Android phones look alike.

Perfect pricing

Honor Magic5 Lite in Silver, Green, Black finishes

(Image credit: Honor)

You’re probably already expecting that such a suite of features is going to cost a fair chunk of change – but this is where the Honor Magic5 Lite really excels. Priced from just £329.99, you won’t find a more feature-packed, slim and stylish phone that can last such a long time on a single charge.

Given the current outlook of 2023, that makes this Honor the perfect match for an Android lover wanting a big-screen phone that’s good for gaming, streaming, and going about your daily tasks, all without costing a small fortune or ever giving you battery anxiety.

The Honor Magic5 Lite is available for pre-order from February 21st at hihonor.com, available in Black, Emerald Green and Titanium Silver colour options. Your only dilemma now is which one of those three you’ll want to pick.


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