The best mother's day gifts for 2019

Treat your mum to a little bit of luxury this mother’s day – after all, she deserves it

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Whether it’s your very own mum who deserves a pampering this coming Mother’s Day or your better half, it’s hard to know the etiquette when it comes to gifting – how exactly do you translate “thanks for raising me and putting up with my Nu-Metal phase” or “thanks for raising a child with me and putting up with my second Nu-Metal phase” into an appropriate spend? 

And then, there’s how differently we’ve all turned out (but equally perfect, if we may say so ourselves), which is testament to just how many different types of matriarchs there are. That’s why we’ve put together a little cheat sheet of mother's day gifts that are sure to please, no matter what she’s into.

And why are we so sure? Well, because these are some stone-cold classic gifts, tried and tested by gift-givers before us, but each with a little twist so she knows you didn’t grab it at the last minute without really putting any effort in, or at the very least putting that Amazon Prime membership to good use. 

We’re talking chocolates, but not the last box from the M&S Food at the M3 services, more a great big trunk of treats that’ll last her until next year; flowers, not a single wilting bunch, but a fresh hand-picked bouquet delivered straight to her door once a month; and not forgetting the luxury leather goods, spa experiences and, erm… high-tech hairdryers (trust us on that one).

Gourmands, bakers, beauty queens and more are all catered to, so go on, have a scroll through our list of the best mother's day gifts, pick up a treat for the real MVP in your life, and score some serious child/partner points in the process – what, like that wasn’t the plan all along?

Read on for our pick of the best mother's day gifts.

Hotel Chocolat Adventures in Luxury Chocolate Hamper

1. Hotel Chocolat: The Adventures in Luxury Chocolate Hamper

A dippy, drinky, delicious adventure for the chocolate-lover

Best for: : Chocolate fiends
Colour: Brown
Contains: A hamper, chocolates and a personalised message card
Reasons to buy
+Huge variety of chocolate products+Twist on the usual box of chocolates
Reasons to avoid
-No good if she doesn't like chocolate (obviously)

Adventures in Luxury Chocolate is an insanely indulgent amalgamation of Hotel Chocolat’s very best bits, including buttons, hot chocolate, huge slabs, petite batons, and even an enticing-sounding ‘dipping adventure’. 

Basically, it’s an enormous box filled with chocolate: what’s not to love? In fact, it’s so enormous that if she’s not the type to share, it might even last her until next Mother’s Day. Whether she’s a lover of milk, white or dark, there’s something to cater to all tastes, so it’s a surefire winner.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer in tan leather case

2. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer with Leather Case

Help them tame those tresses with a high-end dryer

Best for: Practical gift
Colour: Silver & Pink
Contains: Hair dryer, nozzles, non-slip heat mat, storage hanger and leather case
Reasons to buy
+Works wonders on frizzy hair+Looks fantastic with leather case
Reasons to avoid
-Button placement is a bit tricky

Gifts don’t come much more practical than a hairdryer, but this supercharged version from Dyson takes what could be construed as a pretty standard gift into the realms of the slightly bonkers. 

Yes, it’s pricey, but by all accounts it works incredibly well even on notoriously tough frizzy hair, so unless your ma has been blessed with catwalk-ready hair that needs no intervention at all, it’s worth the extra dosh. 

It also looks amazing even left out on the dressing table, but with this package also encompassing a stylish leather case, there’s no excuse not to pop it away. 

Woman enjoying a back massage as part of Red Letter Days Luxury Twilight Pamper Treat

3. Red Letter Days Luxury Twilight Pamper Treat

Enjoy a laid-back evening with this treat for two

Best for: A shared experience
Colour: N/A
Contains: A four hour twilight treat
Reasons to buy
+Full use of facilities at a spa near you+Treatment or dinner to follow
Reasons to avoid
-Varies depending on location

If it’s your first mother’s day as a couple, then probably the best gift you can give them and yourself is a little time to decompress and feel human again. The best way to do that? With a trip to a luxury spa, of course! 

This indulgent trip for two is available at locations up and down the UK, so you needn’t go too far afield. While this means that the experience varies slightly between venues, you’re assured of full use of the facilities to get them a much-needed soak or steam, and either a relaxing treatment or delicious dinner to follow. 

Alternatively, treat your own mum for that magic combo of a luxurious present and some much-appreciated facetime with her favourite child — hey, we think it’s a safe assumption, you did get her a spa day after all.

Smeg Retro Stand Mixer in cream

4. Smeg Retro Stand Mixer

A standout gift for the patisserie-loving parent

Best for: Bakers
Colour: Silver, white/cream, blue or red
Contains: A machine and bowl
Reasons to buy
+Great retro design+Low-maintenance
Reasons to avoid
-Takes up quite a bit of space

Is it all parents that constantly seem to be doing up the kitchen, or is it just ours? Either way, this retro mixer by Smeg is a great gift for the mum who loves baking, and is either labouring away with an old faithful model or still resolutely mixing by hand (in which case she’s probably built like John Cena by now, and we’d very much like to meet her). 

With ten speed levels and three attachments to choose from it’s suited to all sorts of prepping tasks, while dishwasher-safe detachable bits keep it low-maintenance. We’re not going to lie though: the main reason is that it looks amazing, especially in a retro kitchen.

Pink and white letterbox bouquet from Bloom & Wild

5. Letterbox Flowers A Year of Flowers

The gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving…

Best for: A twist on the classic
Colour: Multi
Size: Letterbox
Contains: A box of flowers every month
Reasons to buy
+Keeps going all year+Don't need to be in to recieve
Reasons to avoid
-Can't choose individual bouquets

If you feel particularly strongly about the fact that our dear old mums deserve recognition on more than just one day of the year, a subscription box is a fine example of a gift that can keep that appreciation going. And what better thing to receive through your door each month than a lovingly picked bouquet

Choose the first delivery date, and Bloom & Wild will do the rest, carefully packing each month’s flowers into a clever flat box that can be posted through the door, meaning Mum won’t have to be in to collect them when they arrive.

Coach Market Large Reversible Suede Tote Bag in Oxblood

6. Coach Market Large Reversible Suede Tote Bag

The name might be Coach, but the quality is first class

Best for: Luxury essential
Colour: Oxblood/Black
Contains: A leather bag
Reasons to buy
+Practical and luxurious+Large bag with zipped valuables pocket
Reasons to avoid
-Only two shades to choose from

You might have a job convincing her not to keep it for best, but if you can, this suede tote bag from Coach would make a great luxury gift that also makes itself useful every day, which can be hard to come by. 

The reversible design gives the option for two different looks, flipping between polished leather and matte suede at will, and is spacious enough for all the essentials, plus a few non-essentials too. 

A large zipped pocket for the most important bits means they won’t end up rattling around in the bottom, so no fumbling for a furiously ringing phone when it goes off at the most inopportune moment. Best of all though, it’s undeniably luxurious, with its subtle gold hardware and soft leather - because why not?

Kiehl's moisturising products from the All Day Hydration Routine

7. Kiehl's All Day Hydration Routine

Packed with good stuff for ultimate moisturisation, Kiehl’s is a real treat

Best for: High-end skincare
Colour: Multi
Contains: Facial cream, eye treatment and recovery concentrate
Reasons to buy
+Full moisturising set +Gorgeous apothecary-style products
Reasons to avoid
-Initial price is for the smallest versions

By the power of Vitamin C! This botanical-packed skincare set from Kiehl’s is just the thing to target dry or mature skin (if you’re reading this Mum, no, we’re not calling you old). 

Featuring four best-selling products – Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Creamy Eye Treatment, Ultra Facial Cream and Line-Reducing Concentrate – this is a more moisturising than you can shake a stick at, including luxurious preventative potions for day and night. 

To get more wrinkle-zapping bang for your buck, you can choose for the full sizes of some or all of the products to be included in the set, but this will understandably bump up the price.