The Best Black Friday deals 2018: when and where to get the biggest discounts

If you've got questions like: "when is Black Friday?" and "how to get the best Black Friday deals?", then our authoritative guide has you covered

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Black Friday 2018 and Cyber Monday 2018 are rapidly approaching and, more than ever before, they are a big deal.

The Black Weekend is now bigger than ever before, with more mad discounts and even more people looking to exploit the best Black Friday deals and the best Cyber Monday deals, making it harder than ever for tech enthusiasts to pick up the products they love.

Indeed, spending on Black Friday last year was up 8% from the year before, and all reports suggest that this year is going to see yet another increase, too.

As such, if you intend to score some top tech deals this year during Grey Thursday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday then you need to be informed and prepared. That's where T3's guide to the event comes in.

Here we'll run you through everything you need to know to land the tech you want this Black Friday at the absolute best prices, from when and where to expect deals to drop, to how to identify an amazing deal and how to avoid a clunker.

We start, though, with the basics: when Black Friday 2018 and Cyber Monday 2018 is taking place.

When is Black Friday 2018?

Black Friday always takes place on the Friday immediately after the North American Thanksgiving holiday, which this year is November 23, 2018.

When is Cyber Monday 2018?

Cyber Monday is always the Monday immediately after Black Friday, so this year Cyber Monday takes place on November 26, 2018.

What is the difference between Black Friday 2018 and Cyber Monday 2018?

Black Friday 2018 Cyber Monday 2018 deals

Cyber Monday saw some insane deals last year in gaming, computing, clothing, jewellery, and more.

When Black Friday first started, which was termed thus as it statistically is the day where online sales for Christmas gifts really spikes, there was a clear distinction between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday tended to see consumer electronics receive huge discounts and sales, while Cyber Monday's focus was more on clothes and jewellery.

Now, however, the distinction between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is basically non-existent, with crazy deals and discounts on all product categories taking place not just on both days, but also either side of them, too.

Grey Thursday, for example, is the Thursday before Black Friday, and tends to see some top deals drop, while the Saturday and Sunday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is now referred to as the Black Weekend, as many top deals are typically dropped then as well.

Some big retailers, like Amazon and Currys PC World, also tend to extend their Black Friday deal offerings to the weeks leading up to Black Friday and after Cyber Monday, so to score the absolute best deals you need be switched on both during and around the Black event.

What deals to expect on Black Friday 2018

Black Friday 2018 Cyber Monday 2018 deals

You should expect Black Friday deals to drop in the weeks running up to and after the big event, too.

We're already hearing plenty of whispers about the hot deal trends for Black Friday 2018, and the good news is that there is going to be serious discounts on top tech categories. 

These are but a few of the types of deals to expect:

  • 4K TVs are going to get monstrous price drops this year, and across top makers like Samsung, Sony and LG, too
  • Amazon is going to heavily discount technology across all its categories, as well as offer incredible discounts on Amazon Prime membership
  • Laptops, which didn't have a great year deals-wise last year, are going to be discounted like mad
  • DSLR camera bodies and lenses are set for crazy reductions, as too compact cameras.
  • The PS4 Pro is going to be cheaper than it ever had before, we some outrageous bundle deals incoming, too.
  • Xbox One X, while not slated to be discounted as cheap as the PS4 Pro, is also set to retail for well under £400, even beneath £349 in some rare deals.
  • Mobile phones, bought outright, will see hundreds of pounds knocked off the handsets, while you should expect data-stacked 4G contracts to be available for up 50 per cent less.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S9, in particular, it is rumoured is going to see some astonishing discount deals.
  • Power tools and home appliances are set for a big Black event, too, with whispers indicating that fridges, kettles, lawnmowers, coffee machines, microwaves, ovens, BBQs, sprinklers, hedge trimmers, and more will see weeks of deals landing.
  • Clothing manufactures, including major names like Nike and Adidas, are also set to join the deal-a-thon, with trainers, exercise wear, and style garments heavily discounted.

While we list all the best Black Friday 2018 deals on this page, as curated by's dedicated and experienced deals team, if you want to browse every single deal currently available from a specific retailer then you should visit their online store directly. To jump straight to the biggest Black Friday retailers simply click on the links below.

The best Black Friday deals 2018

Black Friday 2018 Cyber Monday 2018 deals

Here we list the absolute best Black Friday deals available right now. These deals are the crème de la crème of the Black event and have been curated by's deals team, who specialise in finding the absolute best discounts, deals and bundle offers.

The deals are broken up into a series of easily navigable categories, including: kitchen and home, tv and video, smartphone, headphone and audio, laptop and MacBook, gaming, camera and accessories, iPad and tablet, wearables, gadgets and other deals, too.

Naturally, though, these deals will come and go fast, so be sure to score quickly if you find something that is on your shopping list.

Smartphone deals

Kitchen and home

Black Friday 2018 Cyber Monday 2018 deals

TV and video deals

Black Friday 2018 Cyber Monday 2018 deals

Headphone and audio deals

Black Friday 2018 Cyber Monday 2018 deals

Laptop and Macbook deals

Black Friday 2018 Cyber Monday 2018 deals

Gaming deals

Black Friday 2018 Cyber Monday 2018 deals

Camera and accessories deals

Black Friday 2018 Cyber Monday 2018 deals

iPad and tablet deals

Black Friday 2018 Cyber Monday 2018 deals

Wearable and fitness tech deals

Black Friday 2018 Cyber Monday 2018 deals

Gadgets, clothing, toys, and other deals

Black Friday 2018 Cyber Monday 2018 deals

Black Friday 2018 tips and tricks: how to be prepared

Black Friday 2018 Cyber Monday 2018 deals

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It's easy to become overwhelmed by the avalanche of deals and offers during the Black event, so being properly prepared and heading into the deal-a-thon with a clear head and a firm idea of what you want to pick up is crucial.

To help you in this we've put together this small selection of tips and tricks, which will almost certainly help you have a successful Grey Thursday, Black Friday, Black Weekend, and Cyber Monday 2018.


You should consider setting up tailored alerts to help you keep on top of the items that are most important to you. Amazon offers notifications that allow you to track price drops on relevant products, while Google Alerts and Twitter Notifications both help you keep an eye on offers across a wider range of retailers.   

It’s also worth following key brands on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as many will promote their best offers across these platforms. Make sure you have push notifications turned on so you can snap these deals up as soon as they are published.


Some Black Friday deals might look fantastic at face value - particularly when listed alongside the RRP or the price the product was first listed at. However, prices can fluctuate and a higher-than-usual pre-sale price can make a deal look better than it really is.

Price tracking websites such as CamelCamelCamel allow users to track a product's price history on Amazon and will show its most recent price ahead of Black Friday - revealing how good those deals really are.


Many online stores offer the ability to check stock levels. Keep a close eye on this and prioritise the items on your list that have lower stock availability so you can lockdown those in-demand products.


As tempting as it might be to speed through to the checkout, do spend a couple of minutes checking the small print before paying. You should look out for specific information on returns policies, as some retailers may offer refunds in a shorter window than usual or refuse refunds entirely, instead offering store credit - which isn’t ideal for those big ticket items like smartphones, laptops and TVs.


Different payment methods offer different levels of consumer protection. Credit card payments typically give buyers more protection than those made by debit card. It’s worth noting that if you use PayPal or another third party payment service you may lose the protections you might have if you were paying with your credit card.

Once you’ve decided that a deal is legitimate and you’re ready to pay, you’ll want to get through to the checkout as quickly as possible so as not to miss out. You can avoid any delays by registering with retailers you anticipate buying from in advance and setting up a user account - including card details and your billing and delivery addresses - as this will help guarantee a speedy checkout.