5 ways that Hotpoint's ActiveCare Laundry range can save you time and money

Looking for cutting-edge features that make washing clothes clean, green and serene? Then check out these next-gen washing machines from AO.com

A man loading garments into a Hotpoint washing machine
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Running a household isn’t easy. Raising a family is a full-time job in itself, the boundaries between our professional and personal lives are increasingly eroding and rising interest rates are making it harder than ever to make ends meet. Fortunately, AO.com’s range of time-saving, energy-efficient household appliances can help you save time and money off your bills. 

For example, Hotpoint’s large capacity drum helps you save money by washing larger loads less frequently. On top of this, AO’s range of ways to pay can reduce the strain on your wallet. And if you trade in your existing machine, you can currently get up to £30 off your new machine.

So how else can AO and Hotpoint help you save time and money? Let’s take a look at just some of the features offered by the Hotpoint ActiveCare Laundry range.

A woman putting a stained garment in a Hotpoint washing machine

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Hotpoint ActiveCare Technology

Trouble getting grime out of the football kit? Hotpoint ActiveCare helps keep stains at bay and keeps your clothes looking new for even longer. Premixing water and detergent to create a cleaning mousse that penetrates deep into the fabric, Hotpoint ActiveCare can shift stubborn stains like coffee, wine and tomato sauce from your clothes, even when washing at temperatures as low as 20°C* – which can really help you save on those extra pennies.


*Obtained on Anti-stain program 20°C (tested on Cotton) and ActiveCare option activated and tested by external institute SSOG (Italy) on more than 100 types of stains.

A woman selecting the Rapid / Green feature on a Hotpoint washing machine

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Rapid cycle and Green cycle settings

In a rush to get out of the house? A simple touch of a button enables the Rapid cycle, which will cut the time it takes to wash your clothes in half. And if you’re more concerned about keeping your bills down and protecting the environment, just tap the Green cycle: it can cut your energy consumption by up to 20%* with every wash.


* The % will vary according to load and program selected.

Steam Pack

Got an item of clothing that just needs freshening up? Hotpoint’s Steam Refresh function can breathe new life into that T-shirt or skirt in just 20 minutes, using steam to penetrate their fibres to aerate them and make them easier to iron. But what if you want a much deeper clean? Then enable the Steam Hygiene setting: at the end of your cycle, it will use steam to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria* in fabrics, all without the use of harsh chemical additives – invaluable at this time of year to prevent the kids picking up those colds doing the rounds.

Article sources

*Independently tested by Intertek on Rodent Protoparvovirus type 1, a representative virus, and for bacteria by Allergy UK on Cotton 60°C program with Steam Hygiene option activated.

An image showing a Hotpoint washing machine with the stop and add feature enabled

(Image credit: Hotpoint)

Hotpoint Stop&Add clothes-adding feature

We’ve all been there. You carefully decant all your clothes into the machine, punch in your programme and sigh with the satisfaction of a chore complete… only to turn around and find the rogue sock that escaped the basket. Fortunately, you no longer need to worry, thanks to Hotpoint’s Stop&Add feature: it allows you to add items in the first few minutes of the cycle without compromising the performance of your wash.

Final Care

Sometimes life gets in the way. You get held up at the office or decide to stay down the pub for longer than you intended. But if your washing machine has Hotpoint’s Final Care feature, you don’t need to worry about your washing sitting in the drum gathering creases or getting funky. Just press the Final Care button and your machine will activate a special tumbling action for up to 6 hours after the cycle has finished, helping to air your clothes and stop them getting wrinkled.

AO.com has received hundreds of thousands of glowing reviews for a reason. First of all, it can’t be beaten on price. Not only does it have a dedicated deals section, bringing you all of the best bargains it has to offer but its price match commitment guarantees you’ll always be getting the best bang for your buck. Should you find any of its products cheaper elsewhere, AO will match it – meaning you can always be sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Finally, you no longer need to stay in all day while waiting for your white goods to show up. AO offers flexible delivery slots seven days a week (availability charges and geographical exclusions apply) – even offering next-day delivery if you need your home electronics the very next day. And your dedicated delivery team will keep you in the picture with regular notifications – you can even reach out to your delivery driver direct should you need an update.

Interested in purchasing a Hotpoint washing machine? You can currently get up to £30 off from AO.com when you trade in your old machine. So check out its full Hotpoint ActiveCare range now.


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