3 video doorbells that don't require a monthly subscription

Disappointed by a recent increase in your video doorbell subscription? You're not the only one

Eufy Video Doorbell Dual
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If you own one of the best video doorbells, you'll know how incredibly useful they can be. Not only do they allow you to 'answer' the door when you're not home, but they add a level of security that can put anyone's mind at ease. A lot of models can also sync up to other smart home products, including the best smart bulbs and best smart speakers

However, some users find that unexpected costs arrive after using a video doorbell for a month or so. Companies either request more money to extend video storage, or even require a monthly subscription for users to access further features. With recent news that Ring and Arlo have increased their monthly subscription charges by up to 60%, many video doorbell users have been left feeling disappointed and well, a little conned too. 

As a result, we've rounded up the three best video doorbells that don't require extra subscription charges. From EZVIZ to eufy, there are some really good choices here, especially if you're looking to keep the costs down. 

1. EZVIZ DB2 Video Doorbell 

EZVIZ DB2 Video Doorbell

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The EZVIZ DB2 is a wireless video doorbell that can run up to 115 days before its batteries need to be changed. Like most models, users can see and talk to visitors  through the EZVIZ App. It's also able to differentiate between human movements and insignificant objects, such as moving leaves or birds. It’s also fully weather-proof and features night vision of up to 5 metres.

The DB2 is designed to capture and preserve every interaction, so its video storage is protected via a large microSD card of up to 256 GB. This can also be inserted onto the indoor chime for enhanced data protection. EZVIZ also supports encrypted cloud storage upon subscription. 

The large microSD card is completely free to use, or you can opt for encrypted cloud storage upon subscription which costs from £2.99 monthly and £29.99 yearly. 

2. Amcrest 1080p Video Doorbell Camera Pro

Amcrest 1080p Video Doorbell Camera Pro

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The Amcrest 1080p Video Doorbell Camera Pro is a wired doorbell with a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way audio. It also includes two interchangeable faceplates, black or silver, which allows users to personalise the doorbell to the look of their front door. It also has a 1080p resolution, IR night vision and a 140-degree viewing angle. 

As it's wired, it's a little more fiddly than a simple battery-powered doorbell, but it also adds a level of convenience once it's all set up and ready to use. Although, make sure to check your home has the necessary wiring before purchasing. 

Like the EZVIZ DB2, the Amcrest can store video clips directly on a Micro SD card to avoid a monthly subscription.

3. Eufy Video Doorbell Dual

Eufy Video Doorbell Dual

(Image credit: eufy)

The eufy Video Doorbell Dual is probably the best known on the list. As it has two lenses, it's perfect for eliminating the risk of porch pirates or just identifying what's been dropped on your doorstep. It also reminds you if you forget your packages, so you can call someone you trust to pick it up. 

It's easy to install, battery-powered and has an impressive 2K HDR picture quality. It also comes with 16GB of onboard storage, and whilst cloud features are available, they're not a necessary component to using the doorbell. 

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