Walmart PS5 and Xbox Series X restock incoming: here's when it's going live

Walmart is dropping more PS5 and Xbox Series X inventory today, so don't miss out!

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This week has been a doozy for gamers looking for a PS5 or Xbox Series X and with an Amazon PS5 restock set to drop at any minute, news of an imminent Walmart PS5 restock is the icing on the cake.  

According to multiple PS5 stock tracking accounts, the retailer is set to release more PS5 and Xbox Series X inventory today, and will come in waves, so stick around if you don't succeed straight off the bat.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are going live first, at 11.30AM PDT / 2.30PM EDT, with the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition to follow at 12PM PDT / 3PM EDT. You can keep up with impending stock drops with T3's PS5 stock tracker and Xbox Series X stock tracker.

We've rounded up retailer tips for various stores and the best way to check out to make sure you get a console, so be sure to check out our top PS5 retailer tips to swot up in advance of future stock drops. 

We're expecting more PS5 restocks at UK retailers next week, as part of the March PS5 restock, while retailers across regions seem to getting in more Xbox Series X and PS5 inventory for release this month.  Meanwhile Sony has been sending out invites to customers for the opportunity to buy a PS5 outright and skip the online queues. 

UK retailer Currys has adopted its own means to thwart bots and scalpers with its PS5 Priority Pass; if you're after a PS5, you can sign up for the chance to win a buying opportunity, but winners will have to wait until stores re-open in April, as the pass is for collection only. 

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