New iPad Mini 6 brings a larger display, USB-C port and claimed 80% performance increase

The iPad mini finally gets the performance update it deserves

iPad Mini 6
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More exciting news is rolling in from 2021's main Apple Event following the official unveiling of the new iPad 9. Next in line is the announcement of the long-awaited all-new iPad Mini 6 – and we already love it. The new tablet is larger than the iPad Mini 5 with an 8.3-inch display. Comparatively, the iPad Mini 5 has a 7.9-inch panel, so it's a pretty significant leap in terms of screen real estate. 

Aside from that, the new iPad Mini has narrower bezels, corners that are rounded, and a leaner enclosure. Fans already seem pretty happy with the announcement given that the iPad mini has been burdened with the same looks for a while now. We don't want to call it a period of rampant stagnation, but the iPad Mini was certainly beginning to lose face amongst its more powerful, and more beauteous iPad peers. However, this isn't the case anymore.

The improvements to the iPad Mini don't stop at the tablet's screen size getting a bump. Apple claims the device is up to "up to 80% faster" than the A12 chip in the old iPad Mini 4. As the screen has got bigger, though, so has the price: the Wi-Fi model with 64GB begins at $499, which is a $100 increase over its predecessor. 

Akin to the best iPad and best iPhone models, the home button has been dropped on the all-new iPad Mini, which allows for the larger edge-to-edge screen. Unlike the iPad Pro, the new Mini won't afford users the comfort of features Face ID. Instead, it follows the same format as the popular iPad Air, with the Touch ID fingerprint reader in the power button for authentication.  

Apple iPad Mini 6

iPad mini comes in a new array of finishes, including space gray, pink, purple, and starlight.

(Image credit: Apple)

Audible gasps of elation have been detected through fans' tweets, with news that Apple has decided to drop its long-standing Lightning port, opting finally for the industry-standard USB-C. That's something that it should have done yonkers ago, and a decision that has slowly been making its way through to Apple's more recent iPad redesigns. The tablet certainly looks the part, with the new iPad Mini's flat edges aligning more closely with the likes of the iPad Air 4. Apple Pencil 2 compatibility is supported.

Design-wise, the presentation called out a variety of color options for the new iPad Mini 6, namely "black, white, dark cherry, English lavender, and electric orange." We're not sure about 'English lavender, but you can sign us up for electric orange any day of the week. To accompany the new colors, Apple has produced some revamped $59 Smart Folio covers that align with the color schemes.

Let's talk costs. The new iPad Mini 6 is available for pre-order from today (September 24). It begins at $499/AU$749 for 64GB Wi-Fi model, and Apple will also offer a 256GB upgrade option.

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