iPhone 14 wishlist: 5 key things we want to see from Apple

The iPhone 13 is brilliant, but we have a long list of wants for the iPhone 14.

iPhone 14
(Image credit: Apple)

There's no question about it, the iPhone 13 is one of the best smartphones you can buy today. But in some ways, it still feels like a slightly souped up iPhone 12 – an iPhone 12S, if you will.

So, that said, how can Apple make the iPhone 14 the undisputed king of smartphones? What can the maker add to the iPhone 13 that will make it truly the ultimate iPhone?

Well, that's what we've set out to determine. Here is our iPhone 14 wishlist – five key things we’d love to see Tim Cook announcing in 11 months’ time.

1. Bring back Touch ID 

Face ID works brilliantly… if your face isn’t covered by a mask. Unfortunately, in 2020 and 2021, mask wearing is on the up for entirely sensible but depressing reasons, and Apple abandoning its fingerprint sensor suddenly feels a bit shortsighted.

In 2022, we’d love the iPhone 14 to bring Touch ID back. There’s talk of an under-screen sensor, but it needn’t be anything that sophisticated if it’s just a backup to Face ID. Something embedded in the power button like on the iPad Air and iPad mini would be just fine for us.

2. Goodbye notch

The notch has been part of Apple’s flagship handset look since 2017’s iPhone X, and while it was reduced in the iPhone 13, it’s still an eyesore.

It is, unfortunately, a necessary eyesore for the complex array of tech that makes Face ID work. But it does look like Apple has managed to miniturise it, and early leaks suggest that the iPhone 14 may abandon the notch once and for all. For the Pro model, at least.

3. Speedier charging

One area where Apple is starting to seriously lag behind is in charging speed. The iPhone 13 officially supports up to 20W charging when wired. Though unofficially the iPhone 13 Pro Max goes as high as 27W, that’s still sluggish compared to the market leaders. The OnePlus 9, for example, charges at 65W and even includes a charger in the box.

4. USB-C, please 

Funnily enough, one of the big blocks to going faster than that is Apple’s insistence of sticking with its proprietary Lightning cable.

We’re hoping that won’t be forever though, and the EU Commission may see to that at some point, insisting all companies adopt USB-C. Hopefully Apple won’t resist too much, seeing as the company already uses the connectivity on its recent iPad devices.

5. Apple Pencil support 

This is getting into ludicrously optimistic territory at this point, but we’d really love to see the iPhone supporting the Apple Pencil — something Steve Jobs famously ruled out in his lifetime.

But that was before the Pencil even existed, and if the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra can support the S Pen, then surely Apple could give Apple Pencil owners the option to doodle on the smaller screen too?