Apple reveals iOS 14, ARM-based Macs, iPadOS and watchOS at WWDC event

Apple's latest keynote revealed the future of the Mac, smart changes in iOS 14, new Watch and iPad features, and more

Apple live WWWDC
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At Apple's WWDC 2020 keynote live stream, Apple revealed new updates for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and more… and revealed a huge change coming to Macs in the future: a change to using Apple-made processors instead of Intel's chips.

• iOS 14: all the new features coming to your iPhone
• New Macs and macOS: the future is ARM Macs
• watchOS 7: the updates coming to Apple Watch

You can watch the whole event below, or read on for our blow-by-blow of new announcements across the different product types.

Apple WWDC 2020: What was announced

iOS 14

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iOS 14 new features

  • App Library is a new way of organising your apps beyond the Home screen, making it easier to find those hundreds of apps you downloaded
  • Widgets on the iPhone Home screen! It's been a long time coming (we can see you rolling your eyes, Android users) – you can choose specific sizes for widgets, and one space for a widget can change throughout the day
  • Picture in Picture mode for watching video over other apps – another long-awaited feature
  • Siri no longer takes over your whole screen – it now just pops up at the bottom of the screen, and can show results in a pop-up. Same for phone calls! Woo!
  • Siri is also getting smarter about knowledge, and can do more on your phone
  • A new app: Translate! You can have natural conversations with people in other languages, all offline and with Apple's trademark privacy
  • Messages gets some new features: you can pin favourite conversations, reply in-line in group chats (or create threads), and you can mention someone specifically
  • Apple's improved maps in, uh, Maps are coming to the US, Ireland and Canada. The app will also offer better recommendations, and has carbon-friendly direction features, including cycling routing and EV routing with charge planning
  • CarPlay is getting new kinds of apps, including food ordering and EV charging
  • Keyless cars using your iPhone! Your phone can be your digital car key, and you can share keys with other people
  • App Clips are a way to use apps you've never even installed – a small part of an app can be delivered quickly to your phone when needed, such as when renting an electric scooter. They're launched from NFC tags, QR codes or links

macOS Big Sur

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macOS BIG news

  • The Mac is moving to Apple chips! It's official!
  • All of Apple's apps are ready to go for the new hardware, and Microsoft has ported its apps. Adobe is working on apps too. Developers can deliver a single app that works on Intel and Apple-powered Macs
  • Rosetta 2 is a feature to make apps made for Intel Macs work on Apple-powered Macs – even including games
  • iPhone and iPad apps can run directly on the new type of Macs
  • Apple is shipping the first hardware this week to developers – but it's not what people at home will buy. It's a Mac Mini running the A12Z of the new iPad Pro
  • macOS Big Sur brings a new design for the first time in years! It's a visual refinement more than a rethink, but it looks both cleaner and more colourful than before
  • Control Centre has come to the Mac – makes it much easier to get to common controls you might need
  • Notification Centre has been redesigned to make it easier to see grouped notifications, and there are new widgets
  • The Maps app gets the new features from iOS, plus a big redesign
  • Safari is faster, can now tell you how a website may be tracking you, and can check your saved passwords haven't been compromised in a data breach. When you hover of a tab, you get a preview of the page – nice!


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iPadOS 14 new features

  • Many iPadOS apps now have a sidebar, to make it easier to manage file organisation – it's a little bit more of the desktop coming to iPad
  • The redesigned Siri is coming to iPadOS too, and the smaller phone notification is there too
  • The search function has been enhanced to help find things on your iPad or online more easily. Mac users who use Spotlight will find it very familiar
  • Widgets are coming to iPadOS too
  • Scribble is a new feature for Apple Pencil – handwritten text is editable so you can select to copy and paste, move or change the colour. Very slick!
  • You can also handwrite into any text field and it will be turned in typed text

AirPods software update

  • AirPods will now automatically switch between devices when you do
  • 3D spatial audio is coming to AirPods Pro, to sound like true surround sound for movies, including Dolby Atmos

watchOS 7

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watchOS 7 new features

  • Apps can now display more than one complication per face
  • You can now share Watch Faces, and find new Watch Face suggestions from other people, even online. There are a couple of new Face types, too
  • Cycling directions are coming to Apple Watch too, including live navigation
  • There are new Workout types, including Dance and Core Training. The Activity app is now called the Fitness app too
  • Sleep tracking at last! The aim is not just to track, but also to help you get the amount of sleep you want. Wind Down is a new feature that aims to help you chill out, cutting notifications
  • The Watch now has a sleep mode, and can wake you up with a noisy or silent alarm
  • Automatic handwash detection and coaching! When the Watch detects that you're washing your hands, it'll start a 20-second countdown timer…

HomeKit updates

  • Apple has open-sourced HomeKit, and has worked with Amazon and Google on a new standard for smart home devices to all work together! That's pretty huge
  • Adaptive Lighting changes the colour temperature of light bulbs over the course of the day
  • HomeKit Secure Video now includes face recognition from your Photos app, and and motion zone control

tvOS new features

  • Picture in picture at last! Watch TV while playing games or using other apps
  • Multi-user support for game saves