Best wellies for men 2020: Say goodbye to damp, cold feet and legs with our pick of the best wellington boots

Whether you're wading across muddy fields, splashing around in the garden or working outdoors, we've found the best wellies to keep you dry and comfortable

Best wellies for men 2020: keep your feet dry with Barbour, Joules and Hunter wellies
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Wellies, or to give them their formal name, wellington boots, have long been a staple of the outdoor wardrobe. The good news is that today's best wellies do much more than just keep your feet dry on a drizzly day: think hi-tech, damp-busting linings, shock-absorbing elements that wouldn't be out of place in the best hiking boots, and antimicrobial treatments designed to kill off bacteria.

Additionally, there are now more wellington boot brands to choose from than ever before. Names like Hunter and Barbour no longer rule the roost when it comes to the most sought-after boots in the style stakes, with companies such as Joules proving they can produce wellies which both look great and perform well, too.

Meanwhile, companies that have always had a strong presence in the wellington boot market, such as The Original Muck Boot Company, are proving that boots which are both hi-tech and stylish don't need to cost the earth. To help you decide which wellies are for you, we've come to the rescue with our guide to the best wellies for men right now.

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Black Friday 2020
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How to choose the best wellies for you

We know that choice can often be limited for men, which makes it tricky choosing practical footwear that's not entirely un-stylish. There are tons of options around for women’s wellies, but for men it can be hard to find something you actually like. Especially if you're on a budget. 

To help, we’ve done our best to bring to you a range of welly styles and prices from the likes of high-end riding outfitter Caldene, to more affordable brands such as Dunlop and Stormhouse. The latter will more than suffice if you're an occasional wellie-boot-wearer, and not out in the rain and mud every day. 

Our current pick for the best wellies are the Le Chameau Vierzonord. These stunning wellies are available for men and women, and feature a neoprene 'wetsuit' lining to keep your feet warm in the cold and damp. Let's take a look at these beauties and more now...

What are the best wellies for men right now?

Best wellies for men: Le Chameau Men’s Vierzonord Wellington Boot

1. Le Chameau Vierzonord Wellington Boot

The best wellies to keep your feet warm and dry in cold weather

Best for: Investment piece
Colours: Vert Vierzon, Marron Fonce, Vert Chameau
Height: Knee high
Reasons to buy
+Very high quality boot+For men and women+Adjustable buckle fit+Warm neoprene lining

If you're looking for a wellington boot that is heaped with function and style, these Le Chameau beauties could be the best wellies for you. Although seemingly expensive, the Vierzonord, available for men and women, are built to last, so expect a robust and durable build straight out of the box. 

If you work outdoors, they will see you through many years of slogging away in mud and heavy rain, thanks to their durable natural rubber upper and hard-wearing rubber sole. But you don't have to work outdoors to enjoy them – they're also perfect for dog walking and muddy country strolls

The Vierzonord wellies have an adjustable snap-fastening buckle on the side so that you can wear them comfortably over jeans, trousers and leggings; those with wider calves may appreciate the adjustable fit. The Marron Fonce is our favourite colour, but any traditionalists among you will probably prefer the green hues.

The fast-drying 3mm neoprene keeps your feet dry and makes these wellies comfort rated to temperatures as low as -15°C. The neoprene does take a little getting used to at first, especially when it comes to tugging off the wellies, but we found that rolling the boots down a little helped us to get them off easier. They also wipe clean in a jiffy, with mud and dirt washing straight off.

If you have the budget and want a stunning pair of wellies that will last, definitely check out these out. The Vierzonord men's wellies and Vierzonord women's wellies can be purchased directly from the Le Chameau outdoor clothing and footwear website.

best wellies for men: Ariat Burford

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2. Ariat Burford waterproof rubber boots

The best all-rounders for those who don't mind splashing out

Best for: Unbeatable protection against cold, damp and dirt
Colours: Navy, brown, olive green
Height: Knee high
Reasons to buy
+Stylish +Durable +Unbeatable grip

Ariat's wellies are some of the best in the business, and these beauties are packed with fantastic features, including a shock-absorbing EVA mid-sole for maximum comfort. Then there's the moisture-wicking layer – but it doesn't just repel moisture.  Agion technology (a silver-based antimicrobial solution) minimises the risk of whiffy wellies, and something known as a Smart Rebound heel pad provides shock absorption where you need it most.

However, don't make the mistake of assuming these wellies are designed purely with cold, wet weather in mind – base layer air vents ensure your feet stay cool on warmer days, too.

best wellies for men: Joules Field Wellies

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3. Joules Field Wellies with neoprene lining

The best wellies for those keen to combine substance with style

Best for: Country walking
Colours: Dark Everglade
Height: Knee height
Reasons to buy
+Warm and stylish +Superb grip

These fantastic Joules Field wellies are packed with features designed to keep you dry, warm and comfortable all day long, whether you're planning a cross-country trek or a lazy stroll to a country pub. We're particularly keen on the expanding gusset, which ensures maximum comfort – even when you're wearing your thickest socks.

Worried about water sneaking in? Don't. A water-dispersing outsole and a tough neoprene lining ensure your feet remain warm and dry. We're also a fan of the one-year guarantee (although you could also invest in one of Joules' welly care kits for a bit of extra protection).

Best wellies for men: Hunter Wellington Boots Original Tall

5. Hunter Wellington Boots Original Tall Men's

The original Wellington boot that will stand the test of time

Best for: When you risk getting really muddy
Colours: Black
Height: Knee
Reasons to buy
+Long length offers maximum protection+Durable enough for everyday wear

For a classic welly that will serve you well when mucking about in deep mud most days, we recommend our number one choice's taller counterpart: the Original Tall Wellington Boot from Hunter. They're a great all-round welly, but most importantly the full calf coverage will you keep your feet, ankle and calves dry no matter how much it rains, or how deep a puddle of mud you stand in. You'll have the rugged durability that comes with the Hunter name and promises to keep your feet warm and dry in deep mud or rainfall.

best wellies for men: The Original Muck Boot company

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6. The Original Muck Boot Company Men's Chore Gamekeeper tall boots

Wage war on mud with these extra-tall boots

Best for: Muddy, cold days
Colours: Mossy Oak Bottomlands print
Height: Knee high
Reasons to buy
+Height offers extra protection+Steel shank gives structural support

Call us fickle, but we're especially keen on these boots' bright orange (Blaze Orange, to give it its official name) liner, which is revealed when the tops of the boots are rolled down. It's designed to ensure high visibility for those working in areas such as forests, but in a world dominated by olive-green wellies, we're all for a splash of colour. 

However, don't make the mistake of thinking these boots prioritise style over substance – they're packed with features which make life that little bit easier, but which so many other boots lack. Examples include the generously-sized, reflective pull tab for easy removal, quadruple rubber heel reinforcement and a steel shank for structural support. 

Best wellies for men: Dunlop Short Leg Half-Height Wellies

6. Dunlop Short Leg Half-Height Wellies

The best affordable wellie boots for larger legs

Best for: Big calves
Colours: Green, Black
Height: Ankle height
Reasons to buy
+Bargain buy+Wide fit

If you're looking for a pair of wellies you can keep in your car, for wearing on dog walks and for getting out and about in the mud, these Dunlops are the best wellies for you. 

While they don't match the more expensive wellies in terms of material (the outer material is synthetic, not rubber), they're still fully waterproof and come with a 3cm heel for cushioning on unstable ground. 

Plus, with wellies for wider calves being quite tricky to come by without a hike in price, these boots really are budget-friendly. If you require a cheap and cheerful pair of wellington boots because you don't want fancy forking out on a pair of Hunters, we heartily recommend these Dunlops.

Best wellies for men: Stormwells Fur-Lined Wellie Boots

7. Stormwells Fur-Lined Wellie Boots

The best men's wellies for total protection from the elements

Best for: Very cold, wet weather
Colours: Black
Height: Mid calf
Reasons to buy
+Fastens tight shut+Warm, faux fur lining+Affordable

A new entry to our list, these fur-lined boots from Stormwells are the best wellies for men looking to stay warm and dry in snowy, icy conditions. 

While they do look a bit like waders, which isn't our favourite look, the tie top fastening will keep out snow and rain, while the faux fur lining keeps your toes warm and toasty in colder conditions. 

The Hi-Grip sole helps keep you upright and moving in icy conditions, making these the perfect choice for extreme weather wellies. 

Best wellies for men: Buckler Waterproof Rubber Safety Wellington Boots

8. Buckler Waterproof Rubber Safety Wellington Boots

A safety welly for those who work outdoors

Best for: Workers
Colours: Orange & Blue
Height: Knee high
Reasons to buy
+Steel toe capped+Detachable insoles

If you are a construction worker, or do other manual labour on a regular basis, finding wellies that are ideal for work can be pretty tricky. These boots from Buckler are the best wellies for men – or women – who work outside or in garages, where something tougher than standard wellies is required. 

These boots come with steel toe caps and are heat, oil and slip resistant, which means they can be worn in a variety of working environments. The colour may not be your top choice for weekend wear, but they certainly stand out. What's more, they come with detachable insoles for easy cleaning.

If your biggest concern when choosing wellies is protecting your feet from harm, these are the ideal choice for you.

Best wellies for men: Caldene Bramham Country Wellington

9. Caldene Bramham Country Wellington

A truly luxurious wellie that's almost too nice to muck up

Best for: Luxury boot
Colours: Brown
Height: Knee high
Reasons to buy
+Luxury feel+Unisex

With the luxury riding boot styling, these boots from Caldene almost don’t look like wellies at all. They are a unisex boot that come up to the knee, so for men with wider feet or calves they may feel a little snug. 

That said, if you have been trawling the web for the best stylish wellies for men and have been disappointed with the 'same old' green rubber boots, these Bramham Country Wellingtons have a designer look that’s certainly worth the money. 

Black Friday 2020
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