The best record cases 2018: store and display your vinyl in style

Keep your records in tip top shape with our choice of record storage boxes, cases & displays

Best record cases

If you’re a collector of records you’ll probably want to show them off in some way, shape or form. However, it is important to think about the way in which you store or display them in order to protect them from damage such as scratches or warping. 

So, if you want to invest in a new record case for display or storage of your favourite vinyl, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up a list of some stylish yet protective cases for your records that will keep their quality intact for years to come. 

Whether you own one or a dozen records, you need to think about how and where you want to store them and what your preferred style and budget is. 

If you’ve got one particular favourite, you may wish to make it pride of place in your home, in which case opting for a sturdy glass frame is a great way to make it a feature on the wall. If you’re super protective over the quality and condition of your records, look for a robust case with a lid, that will stop any dust or dirt from getting to them.  

And if you have a collection that you simply want to keep neatly out of the way, open boxes and shelving is a great way to save space and keep your records looking as good as new. 

1. TEEbooks Vinyl Record Storage Wall Shelf

Keep your collection out of the way but on display

Best for: Wall display
Type: Shelf
Material: Steel
Size: L32xH15xD25cm
Holds: 60 records
Reasons to buy
+Space saver+Displays records
Reasons to avoid
-Not for all decors 

If you want to keep your records neatly stacked near to your turntable but are lacking space, then this handy little shelf is the ideal way to store and display your vinyl. It can hold up to 60 records and can be mounted to the wall anywhere you wish. 

2. Gorilla 12” Record Box Storage Case

Keep your vinyl under lock and key with this safe vinyl record case

Best for: Heavy duty
Type: Carry case
Material: Metal/rubber
Size: L36xH41xD36cm
Holds: 100 Records
Reasons to buy
+High capacity+Durable container
Reasons to avoid
-Not great in transit 

This is a smart looking sturdy vinyl record case that can hold up to 100 albums and is great for keeping them tidied away so they won’t get damaged. Although this case comes with a carry handle, users have noted it doesn’t hold up well in transit, but it is perfect for easy access to your records in the home. 

3. White Cardboard Storage or Archive Box

A plain and simple way to store your vinyls with ease

Best for: Budget buy
Type: Cardboard box
Material: Cardboard
Size: n/a
Holds: 50 records
Reasons to buy
+ Cheap+Simple storage
Reasons to avoid
-Not the sturdiest 

If you just want an easy way to store your records that won’t break the bank, then opt for this cardboard box. It can fit up to 50 12 inch records in and you can label or decorate the box as you wish. It can then be easily stored near to your turntable or away under the bed or in storage for safekeeping.  

4. Art Vinyl Play & Display Record Frame

Make artwork out of your favourite vinyl cover

Best for: Art display
Type: Frame
Material: Plastic
Size: L38.1xH38.1xD2.6cm
Holds: 1 record
Reasons to buy
+Wall display+Easy access
Reasons to avoid
-No lid 

This black vinyl record storage box is ideal for displaying your records next to your turntable or keeping them stored away under your bed or in a cupboard. The laminated MDF gives this storage box a more expensive feel and it would suit most interiors. The large box can hold as many as 200 records and it is quick and easy to assemble.

6. Crosley Record Carrier Case

A retro carry case for the traditional vinyl lover

Best for: Retro style
Type: Carry case
Material: Leather look
Size: L36.2xH35xD17cm
Holds: 30+ records
Reasons to buy
+Looks cool+Easily transportable
Reasons to avoid

If you want to be able to easily transport your records, then this retro looking vinyl record case is the perfect storage solution for you. Although pricey, this carry case is made from high-quality material and is a great way to organise all your favourite music albums.  This is perfect for any comprehensive 12 inch vinyl collection.