Amazon Kindle 3: Tips and tricks for your Kindle

Getting the most out of Amazon's 3rd-gen eReader

Can't bear to be without your Amazon Kindle? Check out or video below or read about T3's handy Kindle 3 hints and tricks to get the most from your beloved Amazon eReader

Comfortably shifting in the bucketloads last Yuletide, the Amazon Kindle 3 has been and continues to be a notable success for the online retail giant.

An eReader first and foremost, the latest Kindle may not measure up to the growing army of tablets in the features department, but it is still one of the best ways to do away with your paperbacks once and for all.

Proving that there is more to this slick device than its serious commuting credentials, we've uncovered a selection of tips and handy hints to make the most of your Kindle 3.

See below for our guide to the best Amazon Kindle 3 tips and tricks.

Amazon Kindle 3 tips and tricks video

1/ Free Kindle books
While you will need to transfer them manually from your computer via USB, you can get your hands on some ebook freebies from various sources across the web which include Project Gutenberg, the Google E-Bookstore, Open Library and Internet Archive.

2/ Built-in games
If you need to take a little break from your latest read, the Kindle 3 has two games which can be accessed through the device. By holding Alt, Shift and M together you can unlock classic Minesweeper. Whilst still in the game, simply press the letter 'G' to enter into a game of GoMoku, or Tic-Tac-Toe as it is perhaps better known.

- Controls for Minesweeper:
Up/Down/Left/Right: Cursor Keys
Place X: Enter
New Game: N
Return to Minesweeper: M

- Control for Tic-Tac-Toe:
Up/Down/Left/Right: Cursor Keys
Mark Mine: M
Open Cell: Enter
Restart: R

3/ Manage your content
From converting a wide variety of file formats including PDFs, to downloading content from your regular news website haunts and turning them into E-Books, Calibre is an extremely handy application to make the most out of your Kindle 3 life.

4/ Personalize your browser homepage
Helping you view blogs and websites in a more Kindle-friendly way on a still experimental web browser, formats your favourite sites to better suit the much more compact e-ink surroundings.

5/ Kindle 3 screenshots
If you want to keep a copy of a particular page from an E-Book, or you've found something on a website you'd like for future reference, you can grab a screenshot by holding the Alt, Shift and G buttons together. Once the screen has flashed, you can locate your screenshot in the 'documents' folder in the root directory which will appear as GIF files.

6/ Twitter and Facebook sharing
If you are captivated enough to share a particularly moving passage, or simply a witty line, the Kindle 3 will let you share both with your social networking community. Once you've synced your Facebook/Twitter accounts by entering 'Menu and Settings' and selecting the option to 'Manage', you will be free to spread the word to your beloved Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

7/ Music while you read
Once you've packed on some of your MP3s into the 'Music' folder on your Kindle, you can listen to your tunes as your turn the pages using the following keyboard commands:

Play/pause music - Alt+Spacebar
Next - Alt+F