Xbox 720 rumours: prototype console refuted by Crytek

Developer Crytek denies having access to Xbox 720 hardware

Xbox 720 rumours resurface: Console gaming developer Crytek has refuted claims it has been privy to prototype Xbox 720 hardware

Gaming developer Crytek has denied rumours that it is currently working with prototype hardware of the much mooted Xbox 720 console.

Hitting back at reports that it had proclaimed Microsoft would finally unveil the eagerly awaited Xbox 720 at E3 in 2012, the company responsible for releases such as Crisis 2 and the Timesplitter franchise stated it had not been granted access to any upcoming hardware.

Following this year’s E3 convention a “high-ranking industry source” from Crytek was reported to have claimed that following another year without a sniff of the Xbox 720, Microsoft would be officially unveiling the next-generation console at next year’s show.

Rumoured to already be working on a new Timesplitters release that is destined for launch on the Xbox 720, Crytek has spoken out to deny rumours that it has already been granted access to the gaming industry’s most eagerly awaited hardware release.

"Crytek do not have any next generation hardware from Microsoft, nor do we know when Microsoft may announce future hardware or what that hardware will entail,” a spokesperson for Crytek announced. Keen to reaffirm it had no access to the Xbox 720 the games company added: "Crytek are working at pushing the boundaries of what current technology can bring.”

Will we see Microsoft officially unveil the Xbox 720 console at E3 in 2012 or do we have a few more year to wait for a hardware refresh yet? Share your thoughts with us via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: GamesOn