Weird News: Fake Apple store and a somewhat pricey boat

Plus: disappearing MacBooks and jetpack fails...

A look at the more eccentric side of tech's last seven days

Fake Apple Store
Can you hear that noise? It’s the sound of millions of Apple lawyers running to catch a flight to China. Some enterprising sort has rented a space and opened up a fake Apple Store, built to match the real deal down to the very minute details. Enjoy your short-lived success, friend; you will be spending the rest of your days locked in the basement at 1 Infinite Loop.

The somewhat expensive yacht
Regular Weird News readers may recognise the name Stuart Hughes. The bling merchant has made a living of swathing iPods and what have you in gold, diamonds and – in some cases – dinosaur teeth, before charging enormous amounts for them. He’s outdone himself this time, with a gold-covered yacht. Yours for £3 billion.

Gaming for geeks
Over the last ten years, gaming’s done a good job of steering the world’s opinion away from a view that gamers are square-eyed, pasty-faced nerds. That hard work has just been completely undone in one fowl swoop with the advent of this: the Star Wars edition Xbox 360.

Bye bye MacBook
If you were phasing out a product that was bought, owned and loved by millions, you’d do it with a big, loving send-off, right? Wrong. If you’re following Apple’s book, what you actually do is drop kick it off the stage while no one’s looking and pretend it never existed. Then you get on with your new, elitist, anodised aluminium life. Bye then, MacBook.

The dawn of the Cut The Rope merch
It’s just not as cute or recognisable as the Angry Birds characters, is it. Let’s be honest; it’s a green blob with eyes. And they want to charge you x amount for it because you vaguely enjoyed playing the game on your phone. *Sigh*. But then, hey… it’s your money. Or it was, at any rate. Enjoy your green thing.

SCUBA-lynching the Google Car
Yeah, so… this happened. We’ll say no more.

Tech brands do porn
… Well, not quite. But a bunch of the biggest names in tech have had to buy up a domain for themselves ending in .XXX before some smut portal opens up in its place. It’s a scary world we live in. Time to ask yourself how confident you are that YourName.XXX hasn’t already been snapped up by a purveyor of virtual nakedness. Head to 123-reg to check.

And finally…

Jetpacks: Not quite ready
Put the hammer down. There’s not cause to smash open the jetpack fund piggy bank just yet. Turns out there’s a few kinks and bugs to work out, as this video can confirm.