Tech Week: Apple launches iBooks 2 and Galaxy S3 leak

Plus: is shut down by U.S. Govt.

This week in the world of tech: iBooks 2 is launched by Apple, is taken down by the U.S. Govt. and Wikipedia goes offline in protest of SOPA

While many of us were planning for a more relaxed week in the world of tech after a busy CES 2012, we couldn’t have been more wrong. T3 takes a look at the big stories hitting the headlines over the last seven days.

The mysterious, shrouding fog around Apple’s Education Announcement was lifted on Thursday when the company announced the launch of iBooks 2, a brand new textbook section of its online store that will contain a range of interactive educational books. Additionally, Apple has launched a free app for Mac that lets users create their own interactive books, which could be a glance into the future of how students access information.

In a stand against the SOPA and PIPA anti-piracy acts, which currently threaten the freedom of many websites, a number of popular sites including Wikipedia went offline for a 24 hour protest.

And only a day after online protests took place, the U.S. Department of Justice hit back by taking down two big file sharing websites – Megaupload Limited and Vesta Limited. The Department announced it had additionally arrested seven people for copyright infringement.

Elsewhere, Nike announced its anticipated Nike+ Fuelband – a wristband that encourages wearers to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle. Using a accelerometer to record your movement activity, the band also takes into account your daily calorie intake and alerts you to how close you are to reaching set targets.

A furor of buzz has been caused by a possible leaked image of Samsung’s Galaxy S3 handset. Featured in a video by the manufacturer itself that appeared at CES 2012, the depicted device is certainly slimmer than the current S2, and could be Samsung’s way of hinting at the next generation of its flagship phone.

In good news for Microsoft, analysts have predicted that the Windows Phone OS will overtake Apple’s iOS in terms of market share by 2015. The predictions undoubtedly come after the success of Nokia’s Windows 7-powered Lumia 800, which shifted 1 million units in Q4 of 2011.


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