Tech Today: iPhone 5 case shows new design, 15-inch MacBook Air?

Plus: WP Mango is ready

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

Apple to launch 15-inch super-slim notebook?
After lifting the lid on the new-and-improved MacBook Air laptops last week, reports suggest that Apple is looking to brand out and bring larger display sizes to the ultra-portable market. MacRumors reckons that Apple has finished testing a 15-inch super-slim MacBook, but is unsure whether it's an extension of the MacBook Air line or a new MacBook Pro form factor.
Link: MacRumors

Microsoft completes work on Windows Phone Mango update
Windows Phone Mango is finished and Microsoft has released the final build of the new-and-improved operating system to manufacturers. In a blog post on Tuesday evening, Microsoft says that it will now be implemented by manufacturers before the scheduled autumn arrival.
Link: Windows Phone blog

Kinect 2 is already here, says studio
The head of Rare Studios says that the next generation of Xbox 360 Kinect games will bear witness to the huge improvements Microsoft has already made on its Kinect peripheral. Scott Henson says that because Kinect is all software, developers are able to constantly update it with new stuff.
Link: CVG

iPhone 5 case design offers new form factor hints
A case design claimed to be for the iPhone would see a huge design departure from the iPhone 4. The cases, made by a Chinese manufacturer would suggest a larger home button a bigger screen and curved edges similar to what we saw with the iPhone 3GS. We're not too convinced.
Link: AppleInsider

MySpace Tom offers Google+ tips... for Google
Tom Anderson, MySpace co-founder, former president and everyone's first social networking friend, has offered Google a five-step guide to making Google+ a success. Anderson says Google needs to court journalists and celebrities, allay privacy concerns and hire project visionaries to trim the fat and tailor G+ for success.
Link: TechCrunch

News@8: Tuesday saw a host of new HTC handsets leak across the web, while the Nokia N9 UK release date was confirmed. Apple is rumoured to be using cheaper components for the iPad 3, while 30 minutes of footage from Modern Warfare 3 contender Battlefield 3 appeared online.