Tech Today: iPad 3 launch event, HTC Android 4.0 update news

Plus: Angry Birds for Facebook brings unique power-ups, Apple plots 3D gaming

The iPad 3 launch event is likely to take place in the first week of March, while HTC has announced its Android 4.0 update schedule

iPad 3 launch event set for first week in March
AllThingsD seems pretty certain Apple will hold an event in San Francisco in the first week in March. The Wall Street Journal-affiliated website says Apple has booked the familiar Yerba Buena convention hall where it'll announce the third generation tablet. The site says the tablet will go on sale about a week later
Link: AllThingsD

Apple files for 3D gaming and eye-tracking patent
Apple may be planning to integrate 3D eye-tracking technology into future iOS devices and Mac computers, according to a patent filed by the company. The filing suggests that the tech could be used for gaming, photography and shooting video.
Link: PatentlyApple

Steve Jobs FBI files reveals Presidential job consideration
During his incredible life, Apple fans often touted Steve Jobs for the Presidency of the United States, however a file the FBI kept on Jobs revealed that the late visionary was considered for a position on a White House export council under George H.W. Bush during his exile from Apple in 1991. The 191-page document also revealed that a bomb threat was called in at Apple in 1985.
Link: Gawker

Angry Birds to land on Facebook on Valentine's Day
Facebook will become the latest home for those unstoppable Angry Birds next Tuesday. However, this isn't just another standard port from Rovio, the Facebook launch will bring a host of new power-ups, which include an improved "King Sling" slingshot, bird growing seeds and an earthquake maker. Naturally, you'll also be able to brag to your social networking pals about those three-star stunners.
Link: AllThingsD

HTC Sensations to get Ice Cream Sandwich in March
Android 4.0 is coming to a host of HTC devices, starting with the Sensation range this March. The company has revealed that the Sensation, Sensation XE and, for US users, the Sensation 4G. The Sensation XL will get the update soon after, while the Desires and Incredibles of this world will have to wait until later in 2012. And we thought Android 4.0 was going to end Android fragmentation?
Link: BGR

Amazon follows Samsung's lead and launches ad assault on Apple
We've all witnessed Apple get "Samsunged" in the Koreans' latest commercials, and now the iPad has been "Amazoned" with a new commercial where the retailer points out that two Kindle readers and a Kindle fire combined still amounts to less than the cost of the iPad. Check out the video below.
Link: LATimes