Tech Today: iPad 3 'enters production', Steve Jobs Day

Plus: Motorola preps Ice Cream Sandwich phone for Tuesday?

This weekend brought reports that the iPad 3 has already entered production, while Skype is now officially owned by Microsoft. Moto is also promising to deliver a faster and slimmer device on Tuesday.

Report: iPad 3 going into production
Now that the iPhone 4S rumours are over and you can actually buy the thing, the hype machine has inevitably turned its unrelenting attentions to the iPad 3. All Things Digital is reporting that the company is ramping up the production of its tablets to facilitate an early production run of the next generation iPad. Prepare yourselves for the next six months of speculations.
Link: All Things D

California celebrates Steve Jobs Day
The State of California paid tribute to late Apple CEO Steve Jobs by proclaiming Sunday Steve Jobs Day. California Governor Jerry Brown said: "In his life and work, Steve Jobs embodied the California dream. To call him influential would be an understatement. His innovations transformed an industry, and the products he conceived and shepherded to market have changed the way the entire world communicates."
Link: PC Mag

Microsoft completes Skype purchase
Skype is now officially in the hands of Microsoft, with the Redmond-based company formally announcing its acquisition of the VoIP client. Skype CEO Tony Bates will continue to run the company and report directly to Microsoft kingpin, Steve Ballmer. One of the firsts acts of business will be to incorporate Skype into the Xbox 360, Kinect and Windows Phone experience. Microsoft has promised to keep the service the way it is.
Link: Tom's Hardware

Siri's sass was by design, claims co-founder
Apple purposely gave it's iPhone 4S personal assistant Siri a healthy dose of attitude, according to the man who co-founded the company before it was purchased by Apple. Normal Winarsky said that when he designed Siri it was decided that she would have a female voice and a "light attitude". However, when Apple took over the reigns the company was "more concerned with how a person would respond."
Link: WSJ

Motorola Ice Cream Sandwich event set for Tuesday
Motorola will unleash a "faster, thinner, smarter stronger" device on Tuesday, which is set to arrive complete with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Google's own event with Samsung is also scheduled for Tuesday. Is Motorola going to crash the party with a little ICS action of its own.
Link: Engadget

'Find My Friends' app catches cheating wife
A New York man has already made use of the new Find My Friends app in iOS 5 to catch his alleged cheating harlot of a wife in the act with another fella. "I got my wife a new 4S and loaded up find my friends without her knowing. She told me she was at her friends house in the east village. I've had suspicions about her meeting this guy who live uptown. Lo and behold, Find my Friends has her right there." The screenshots taken of her presence, will be used to support his legal case in the upcoming divorce.
Link: CNET