Sony PlayStation online storage launches

We are talking something of a small cloud though

Room to save your pics and video? Not quite...

Sony has announced that online storage for PlayStation Plus members now have access to online storage from today.

While non-members may be thinking this could finally be a reason to shell out to join the PlayStation Plus club, you will only get 150MB of storage to play with.

According to Sony, that should be more than enough for a maximum of 1,000 game saves to store in the cloud.

Additionally gamers can also save copy protected game data in the Online Storage, but will have to wait 24 hours before accessing it on another PS3 console.

PlayStation Plus, which offers access to exclusive demos and other PlayStation-related goodies, currently costs £39.99 a year or £11.99 for 90 days. Whether 150MB of storage will convince you to join, we are not so sure.

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