Sony Google TV: priced and sized in the US

Web-enabled sets have their key details leaked

£1192 for a range-topping 46-inch model...

Sony’s hardware for the Google TV platform will be available to buy in the US on October 12th. The sets will feature the IPTV service built in, and thrive on internet access that’ll let you search not just programmes or channels, but also the entire web. Today the first details on Sony’s hardware has trickled through, revealing four TVs with prices and sizes.

The four sets all sport the ‘NSX’ product code, and weigh in at 24, 32, 40 and 46-inches respectively. The confirmed prices start at $1299.99 and shoot up to $1899.99, or (roughly) £815 and £1192, although there’s currently no price for the 24-inch model.

The full set of leaked details are as follows:

NSX-32GT1: $1299.99 (£815)
NSX-40GT1: $ 1499.99 (£941)
NSX-46GT1: $ 1899.99 (£1192)

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Link: Via Techtechies