Rock Band 3 video: keyboards explained

New clip shows just now new instrument works in-game

Intrigued by Rock Band's new keyboard? Then check out this video and see it in action.

Harmonix’s decision to include a keyboard with Rock Band 3 has made music games seem far more realistic all of a sudden, what with the keyboard controller looking like, you know, an actual keyboard.

And if you’ve been intrigued by exactly how this thing works in reality, well now’s the chance to see. This latest developer video shows just how the difficulty levels increase and even how you can play every single note in a song, essentially a modern day version of playing along with the radio.

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It all looks remarkably cool, and by the time you’ve mastered it, you’ll probably be able to play the keyboard for real.

Take a gander at the video now and tell us what you reckon on our Facebook and Twitter pages.