Nokia planning a phablet

1080p and quad-core device rumoured to be unveiled next month

Nokia is planning to launch a phablet later this year, reports have claimed.

According to My Nokia Blog, the company is planning to launch the large screen phone to compete with similar Android devices, such as those from Samsung.

Nokia is believed to have been planning a phablet device for some time. However, OS limitations have meant that 1080p and quad-core Windows Phone 8 devices have not been possible.

That is set to change later this year with the arrival of Microsoft’s GRD3 update. That is believed to be introducing support for 1080p and quad-core devices.

No word has been given on when GRD3 will be arriving.

However, according to reports, Nokia is planning to unveil its phablet as early as September 26th. In addition, some reports have suggested that the company may also be announcing a full sized tablet at the event as well.

Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop confirmed at an event earlier this year that there would be a second event happening later in the year. At the time, no further details were given.

If the company does decide to launch a quad-core handset, it will be quite a turn around for the company.

In early 2012 Elop was among the voices criticising quad-core processors. Speaking to Yangcheng Evening News, he said that he felt that quad-core processors are a waste of battery life and bring little benefit to phone buyers.

Last month, Nokia publicly criticised Microsoft for being slow off the mark with software updates and app development.