Nokia N8 camera firmware upgrade to bring 30FPS video

Update set to bolster already-impressive mobile cam

Will it help Nokia's tumbling shares?

Got a Nokia N8? Potential good news: this weekend’s brought speculation of a software update for the snap-happy mobile, to better utilise the cameras capabilities. Improving on the already impressive cam, 30FPS will enable smoother playback and video capture, while continuous auto-focus will also join the fray.

Accessed through the Nokia website, the update will further the credentials of a phone already praised for its impressive hardware capabilities, despite the much-lambasted Symbian OS still dragging things down. The update will no doubt try help sales and aid Nokia on its hard-fought uphill battle against tumbling shares and lowering profits.

All well and good then, but surely further improving what’s already the N8’s strong suit is still negating underlying issues with the OS? Nokia insists that the phone, its flagship, is as impressive in its camera capabilities as the markets’ latest compact camera, but as a phone the N8 still has a way to go if it wants to play against its rivals.

Does this update make any difference? Do you disagree with our Symbian hating? Let us know on the T3 Twitter feed.