New iPod nano: new leak shows camera

Is Apple about to ditch clip design on iPod nano?

Spy shot suggests nano will go clipless when revealed at annual event in September.

The iPod nano is in line for yet another major change, with a new model packing a camera. A new spy shot appears to show the dinky PMP with a snapper round the back, in place of the clip found on the current model.

Chatter about a camera returning to the iPod nano has been rife in recent months, but this is the first time a decent spy shot of the updated device has been seen. It seems Apple is content to ditch the clip, a feature that it made a big deal of last year when it first showed off its then new model.

The camera is said to be just 1.3 megapixels, meaning stills will hardly be up to snuff. Word is that it’ll actually only shoot video, just like the 2009 iPod nano. How shots will look on that tiny screen remains to be seen.

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Via MacRumors