New BBC iPlayer goes live this week with social sharing

On-demand Beeb service goes Twitter and Facebook happy

BBC iPlayer gets a social make-over

The latest rendition of BBC’s on-demand catch-up service, BBC iPlayer is set to go live this week as the service’s 5 million weekly users get set to receive a fun-to-use redesign, personalisation options and advanced social networking capabilities.

Hugely successful and a leader in on-demand video content, the BBC iPlayer service is to adopt a social media friendly slant following is update this week. Speaking on the social movement through its blog the Beeb said: “Until now, the focus has been on getting programmes to users packaged in a coherent experience - this next step is about allowing users to interact with the service and each other around our programmes.”

Check below for a video guide to the new iPlayer services.

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Allowing users to share content via Facebook and Twitter the new iPlayer service has already proved popular with users as more than 18,000 people signed up to the beta version, watching more content over the new edition and creating a staggering 700,000 likes or favourites through the new social networking updates during this trial period.

Speaking on the cause of the update, the BBC has claimed: “The impetus for change has come from two directions: firstly, we have a long-term plan to constantly evolve the site for the benefit of our audiences. A main theme here is personalisation - simply put, a way to get the programmes you love with less clicking (and thinking!). Secondly, we wanted to connect BBC iPlayer up with the users' online interactions with friends - to bring a social dimension to watching and listening.”

The Beeb’s blog went on to add: “It's been an exciting project with many challenges, both design and engineering, along the way.”

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