New Barnes & Noble Nook revealed

New US eReader costs same as old Wi-Fi model

Kindle-rival all set to make eReader battle even more feisty.

US book store Barnes & Noble has pulled the wrappers off of its latest Nook eReader. And the updated device looks as if it has more than enough to give the Amazon Kindle a run for its money.

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The new Nook costs the same $139 (£86) as the previous, Wi-Fi only version. It comes with a full touchscreen eInk display, which Barnes & Noble says has a 50 per cent improved contrast ratio.

The screen measures just 6.5-inches, with the idea being that it can be easily slipped into a jacket pocket. There’s room for 1,000 books, with SD expansion for adding more. Word is the battery will keep going for a frankly insane two months.

This is bound to give Amazon pause for thought. But with a Kindle Tablet and Kindle touchscreen eReader on the cards, it won’t be long before it fires back. For more on this and the rest of the day’s gadget news, stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via LA Times