Microsoft Kinect launch titles announced at E3

Harmonix reveals dance game, Star Wars title unleashed

Kinect Sport and Kinect Adventures also revealed at E3

A dance game from Rock Band creators Harmonix and a Star Wars title in which players wave their arms as light sabers will be among the first titles to appear on the Xbox 360 gaming add-on Microsoft Kinetic.

Those titles will headline the motion gaming offering when it goes on sale in the UK in November this year, but a host of other titles have also peeped out there heads. The latest word are that games will cost about £30, and here's the lowdown on what we know so far.


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The unnamed Harmonix dance title is being billed as a grown-up, complex version of the Wii's Just Dance title, with players able to throw shapes to licensed tracks like Lady Gaga's poker face, according to our pals at Official Xbox Magazine, who attended the launch. Can the Rock Band kings recreate their magic here?

Star Wars: The precise motion sensors in Kinectic will enable you to do battle with Darth Vader, using the humble arm as a light saber. We don't know much about this title at the moment, other than it's being developed with LucasArts and Disney. Sure to be a massive crowd pleasure

Kinetic Sports: Like Wii Sports, this is sure to be the title that ships with the new Kinetic hardware in November. The game features controller-less boxing, beach volleyball, bowling, football and tablet tennis. The game will be developed by Rare, who produced the classic GoldenEye game for N64.

- Kinect Adventures: Challenges will include steering white-water rafts and mine carts down obstable courts, which judging by the demo video below, looks an absolutely barell of laughs

Other games were prematurely revealed by newspaper USA today on Sunday afternoon. We've yet to reveal confirmation of these titles as yet, but the additional list is as follows:

- Joyride: A racing game in which players use an imaginary steering wheel, will require players to use their bodies in order to execute jumps and tricks.

- Kinectimals: This one looks like it could be aimed at the kids, allowing gamers to train and play with 20 virtual cats.

- Dance Central: This MTV-produced title is probably a little less complex than Harmonix's effort.

Link: Microsoft (via OXM)