Microsoft KIN: just 503 sold

Defunct phone one of biggest flops ever

Social networking phones killed off in less than three months after atrocious sales.

Microsoft’s KIN phones, killed off last week in a blaze of negative publicity, sold a grand total of 503 units before Redmond decided to wield the axe. That’s the word from ‘a well-placed little birdie’ who spoke with Daring Fireball.

If the numbers are true, it would represent the biggest mobile phone failure ever, especially at a time when top-end smartphones can shift a million in a matter of days.

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One Microsoft staffer who worked on the KIN project said the company had a huge launch party, claiming that it probably cost more than the amount of money they made back. He also says the phones were nowhere near ready for launch.

Microsoft will be desperately hoping this whole incident will be forgotten in the run up to the big launch of Windows Phone 7 in October. Any such failure with that would cost the Big M dear.

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Via Daring Fireball